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    I see my signature referencing something it's not finding.

    I created mine a while ago, and since it references my character, they must have made changes since it isn't posting. Since it was a character that I seem to not find at the moment that's probably...
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    Bit bewildered on this also

    I was a vip and my auto subscript stopped a while ago, I've logged back into the new forum and can't find any of my character info in my account, does that mean they wipe them ? I was on Landroval so...
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    A crash that doesn't make sense.

    I've noticed a pattern with my crashes. I can play several hours in the game and have a crash and not be able to get in again immediately no matter how many times I try. But if I wait 12 hours or...
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    On Landroval

    It had to be 'We have cookies'. To cute, I think it's an all hobbit group.
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    Ok, what the heck is going on?

    First time in after the update. Worked fine played for a while logged out and switched characters and crashed. Tried to get in again and crashed with the same character, turned everything off...
  6. Continued

    Sorry about that, but lotro logged me off once before for taking to long. As I was saying. I play on an XP with 2gigs mem, while Firefox , a notepad and the process explorer, and a music manager are...
  7. Ok I don't get it.

    What is it? I can play many hours, but the moment I switch to another character to get back in, I crash. It's like there is a lock on a file that needs to be unlocked to get back in. It's got to be...
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    Got my request in to ya, just waiting on you now. - QD

    Just did it now. Great idea.
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    Thanks for being on top of it.

    Just tried to post my 4 crash history that just happened 20 minutes ago so someone might help and apparently I took to much time typing the paragraph that it lotro looged me out. It was only 12...
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    Did they fire everyone at Lotro?

    What is going on? I was in first try just fine played for a while and logged out. Switch characters, get the normal crash going in again as has been the case for the past few days, so just wait till...
  11. Yep crash boomers

    I'm glad I found this thread!, WTH? I've never had a problem that was as severe as this one since I first joined! I've run on an XP with only 2gb and never experienced the kind of problems I am with...
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    It could sure use a boost

    I noticed that immediately after they opened with the expansion that included Mirkwood. Then after the last release, it is if there is no one playing. I remember going to Esteldin before and seeing...
  13. Store went OTL.

    I was buying points using paypal and once my paypal completed my store screen went blank and never came back, and my help screen when I went to put in a bug report did the same thing and this was...
  14. Re: Looking for a roleplaying company for Goblin Town

    I am available if I can be of help.
  15. Re: Discussion: What's Your Favorite Thing About RP In LotRO?

    I enjoy the impromptus that occur at random times. I get a kick out of being in Celondum and watching the nubies using the emotes on each other, like they are afraid to say something. I give kudos to...
  16. Re: Planning a lotro Vid(Machinima),...need some Elven advice/help,....

    I tried the plugin, it failed, haven't had to much problems with other plugins though.
  17. Re: Planning a lotro Vid(Machinima),...need some Elven advice/help,....

    I am available just keep me in the loop (in game post is fine)
  18. Re: Cosmetic Armour Crafting for Metalsmiths and Tailors

    Yes, Need more cosmetic article drops, how about the ability to submit designs to Lotro, maybe a design contest to increase your depths of recipes piles in your office, so you can do multiple...
  19. Re: Rise of Isengard Update/Patching Discussion - OFFICIAL

    And the Examine Programs is waiting still (4 hours) what is it waiting on? Or is this a bug?
  20. Re: Stuck on Examine Game Data

    Yes, going on 2 hour wait on this, don't really want to kill it and try again, may go from bad to worse scenario. Any Advice, or anyone have an estimated load time for the whole thing once it's...
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    Re: Anti-spam global channel created.

    I have been on a long time, and I haven't seen a spammer in ages, until just the other day. Something's changed somewheres and it needs to be set back to what it was Lotro.
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    Re: How Mounted Combat could fit into Lotro

    Horses ARE A WEAPON! The shear weight of the animal at a full gallop enacts physical laws of destruction on anyone in its path and under the hoofs. It should be allowed to carry its own buffs. Anyone...
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    Lurking loader

    I do not understand why the loader doesn't remove itself from memory when I am done playing the game, and why I find it accessing the net when I am not playing the game. It behaves like malware, and...
  24. Re: Excuese me, but I thought the point of the Mirkwood expansion was to get me to th

    Yes, it is good to do Elfy things with all Elvy goodness :) I know the dwarves will hate us even more now saying things that way.
    60? gulp, time to fight more uber wargs and ugly legs.
  25. Excuese me, but I thought the point of the Mirkwood expansion was to get me to there?

    I find it amazing, that I have been on this game for so long and want to get to Moria and Mirkwood and the like, I find it amazing that they do updates that want to bog me down to keep me away from...
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