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  1. Re: Bought Rise of Isengard: Legendary Edition from webstore, no cloaks wth?

    While your at it, also is not armor, its cosmetics only.

    Turbine really needs to fix this. For those that were here during the pre-order we know its pre-order perk, but to new players there is...
  2. Re: Group Finder and new mark system : For and Against

    I am not a fan of skirmishes or this new Group Finder. To me it highlights the weaker part of LOTRO, its combat. LOTRO's strength is its lore and the fact is set in Middle Earth, and the...
  3. Re: Red Cross Asks: Are Gamers Committing War Crimes?

    I just remembered the Red Cross was the one that sued all the came makers for having Red Plus marks on health boosts, saying it was thier Trademark; and the courts agreed. Now games use Green for...
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    How is this NOT Pay-to-Win???

    How is this NOT Pay-to-Win???

    On sale this week:

    Monster Play Advancement and Combat Items

    Make the most of your Monster Play with PvMP Advancement & Combat Items.

    • Increase your Renown...
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    Re: Happy with your class? Post here!

    Champ -> VERY HAPPY with the changes, I have gotten my escape death at last moment skills.
    Burglar -> HAPPY with the changes on my main, the new skills really finish the package.

    Hunter -> Not...
  6. Re: Store bought PvMP consumables => Death of LoTRO PvMP

    I had been staying away from PvMP since RoI because I feared the stores influence on it. But with the Event this weekend, I decided to dust of my creep and give it a go.

    I found my fears of the...
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    Re: LOTRO FlashBoost for Vista Users

    I think low res is close to 6GB, will not fit on 4GB but will fit on 8GB though, the hi-res is getting up there at 14GB pushing the 16GB.
  8. Re: There's a guy works down the chipshop swears he's elvish

    "There's a guy works down the chipshop swears he's elvish"
    - No he is just another elvish-impersonator.

    And for something different from another pointy-eared friend:...
  9. Re: Make Blinding Flash (optionally) wipe any existing DOT effects on the mob

    Sounds like it would better to have this a separate skill. I would hate to have a pop-up when I use it "Wipe existing DOTs? Y/N".
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    Re: Battle in the ettenmoors? really?

    Excellent Idea.

    Give all creeps when they login a item that expires in Monday. that when used transports them to Isengard Inner Ring, give it an hour cool down. All defeats take the creeps...
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    Re: T7 Crafting Sucks

    Of all the rep recipes in Tier 7 there only 3 that I really only miss the Dunland's Wildflower, and the Rider's Prospecting, Forestry and Scholar recipes.

    The Dunland Recipes are not bad, but...
  12. Re: FInding trouble finding anything worthy of crafting.

    The new primary stat system has wreaked havoc on all pre-Dunland items in not only crafting, but also quest and loot drops. I first noticed this when I was going to craft some items for my next...
  13. Re: Red Cross Asks: Are Gamers Committing War Crimes?

    If you look at Computer RP games, we are not acting the way that would be remotely respectable in real life. We do not follow any rules of engagement, we sack everything we come in contact with.
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    Re: Battle in the ettenmoors? really?

    I will be there, not sure as a freep or creep. Leaning towards as a freep.

    A couple of tips:
    1) Set graphics down, as way down. If you run at Ultra at 100fps, expect that a medium with some...
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    Re: Am I missing something in Duland crafting?

    Tier 7 is messed up.

    I would have been happier with a level 70 set and a level 75 set. Considering tiers 2-5 have sets every 2-3 levels and those levels last less than a evening. Not having...
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    Re: T6 Tool Recipes - shortage

    I would hope they make a T7 Tool. Even if it just more durable than the T6 one.

    Not many people mining areas that drop mithril flakes or hunting areas with flake droppers. Sounds like a...
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    Re: Hide Farming Areas

    Pretty much any non-orc area of Lothlorien drops exceptional hides from everything. I like along the small river, areas that have Hart and Bear spawns; The pig area is not bad as well, but easy to...
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    Re: Stockpiling guild rep items

    I found another reason to stockpile Guild Items.

    I accidentally swapped professions on my 3xSM Tinkerer, before RoI. After I set it back to Tinkerer I saw I lost all my rep with the Jeweler...
  19. FInding trouble finding anything worthy of crafting.

    With the move to a primary stat, I am finding if very difficult to craft anything better than drops and quest rewards. Too many items have equal values of might, agility and will, which no character...
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    Re: Is +fate food worth making?

    but when would you want +fate over your classes primary stat, since there is no longer a stat cap?

    Edit: I can think of one instance I might use +Fate food. When I am slumming greys for deeds to...
  21. Thread: zombie lottery

    by Ascus2

    Re: zombie lottery

    I deleted all my freeps on Brandywine and used the names on creeps to reserve the name, and get them off the lottery. But they are still there as there old freep selves.

    I don't know anyway...
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    Re: Is +fate food worth making?

    I cannot think of any character that would use it over +Agility, +Might or +Will or the odd PvMP using some +Vitality foods. I used to use them when my character capped Might prior to food, post...
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    Re: cost analysis of hearty -vs- regular

    The only thing hearty does is save time over normal, its easy to make up the extra cost out adventuring. I prefer to grow wild flowers with my rich soil than worry about well-tended fields.
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    Re: Efficient leveling of tier 7 jeweller craft?

    One nice thing about the new ability to crit a proficiency, is that you only have to get there to start making crit items, and just need to master the tier before next tier comes out.

    I just...
  25. Re: At first I liked the Class focus trait ... But now I see it as ...

    before there was some variance ince build, Some went more might to hit harder some more agility to hit more often. Now you get Might or Agility. As a result many loot items have become vendor...
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