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    [PT] Quantos tugas jogam neste servidor

    Boas, por curiusidade, gostaria de saber afinal quantos tugas, jogam neste servidor

    (english translation, so they dont complain)...
  2. Re: Rise of Isengard .... No new 3 man 6 man or 12 man gamescom confirmation

    so is realy oficioaly, you managed to launch a level cap expantion, where nothing to do when you reach the cap, besides the 24-man raid (good luck kins/pugs gather enough ppl for it) wich has 1 week...
  3. Re: Rise of Isengard .... No new 3 man 6 man or 12 man gamescom confirmation

    so lets see if i get this right

    no Scalable content (besides hele, annu and gb) (think saw this somewhere, if not even those get scaled, then will be real funny)
    lvl 75 cap
    no new instances,...
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    Re: Freep PvMP Incentives & Rewards

    i only have 1 sugestion related to PvMP armour, wich is

    make it PvMP based not PvE, kill NPCs to gather items, is a PvE thing, why dont you make us 'barter the renown' to gather the set, is no...
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    Re: Introduction to exodus

    Hello. I tryed check your site (has nice design :) ), but wasn't able to see info related to what times your raids start/end at

    any chance you be able to say what time (when forming) til when you...
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    Re: Compilation of changes to the Warden.

    thanks for the info, since in a general way i kinda like what they planing do to Warden (but truely hope they give a bit even more attention to Fist line, since from what i've read it stil wont be...
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    Re: An Update: On Upcoming Changes to Champions

    i have to admit, after so many nerfs and fail updates, you finaly managed to make champ back to what its supose to be, a primary AOE class, not wanna-be-tank and boosted his aoe capabilities

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    Re: Re-traiting between healing/dps

    if you want be 'ok healer' and solo fine without need retrait, try trait 5 WS + focus performance + the -10% heal cost (making it -15% cost heals) and you dont 'need' trait anything else for...
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    Re: Middle Earth to Zombie

    i truely hope they dont nerf the dam healing, they been beating on that for a while now

    atm we have less efficient big panic group heals then minstrel, and our good heal is based on mend verse and...
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    Re: Compilation of changes to the Warden.

    hey guys, i only have 1 single question

    i;ve readed this post, and liked most of the changes, but i'm not sure if i miss-understood it or not but

    is this real official info that is planed to be...
  11. Re: Petition - don't scale existing classic instances for Isengard

    /not signed

    playing this for some 3+ years, heres my opinion

    all current content should be scalable to 75 using the level method thing, by the reason of, people runing Watcher/DN lvl 60 using...
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