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  1. My lost lotteries, and what should increase in their name

    As we all know, in a sort of recent storm the lottery system was "destroyed"!
    -First thing is first, DON'T LEAVE YOUR JUMP DRIVE OUT IN THE RAIN! i mean, how else am i supposed to believe that the,...
  2. Top 10

    1. Is there going to be a new class? how soon?
    2. why cant dwarfs be wardens?
    3. Is there going to be a turbine point refund again? when? last time I could not figure out where to put the coupon...
  3. Thanks guys, i rely did miss the loss of the...

    Thanks guys, i rely did miss the loss of the lottery, i feel a bit stupid now but my point still stands with the hobbit presents and the coupon rewards
  4. Lottery Absence, Hobbits slacking, and poor poor people handouts

    I personally since the last "Win Helms Deep East Rohan Expansion Pack" have not seen a lottery. I know that we have hobbit presents to look forward to but come on, a '90 min. 5% attack boost'? even...
  5. Legal rights, as well as any licens, you cannot...

    Legal rights, as well as any licens, you cannot just sell than take away. Yes, there has been agreements that go sower, but turbine did not abuse any extended licens, meaning that they did not lose...
  6. I truly do apologies for the rude comments, but...

    I truly do apologies for the rude comments, but what do you think an expansion is? Yes, why yes, it is an update. It makes me feel a little smarter to know that allot of people don't know that,...
  7. Well smart one, I know this is based off the lord...

    Well smart one, I know this is based off the lord of the rings, but they do use allot of topics from the hobbit, including the whole burglar class, which is based off Bilbo Baggins in his state in...
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    Thank you Yulin, you are correct, all of you, but so was i, and the region with the misty mountains was not the part that they crossed, so you are correct in the fact it should not be included, so...
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    The Misty mountains

    they had those choices at rivendel, they did go onto the misty mountains but they had to return to rivendel
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    Yes, this is a good point 1evenstar1 xD
  11. Totally Agree, Great Idea

    Yes, I agree very much so, I would love to not have to search through them trying to find the scholar or tailor ingredients. Actually, i was surprised that Turbine did not already think of this, so...
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    Path of the fellowship

    If I do recall, the fellowship had to go into the Misty Mountains to try to get to Mordor, this happens in the book, and the movie. So, the point is: I bought the Path of the Fellowship quest pack,...
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    Dont be a bloody idiot

    And how are they supposed to pay you? you cant add to a credit card by just having the number, you have to deposit money and only the owner can do that, so are they supposed to just pack it up and...
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    Yes and No

    You do have a point, but an invalid one, you may have unlocked all the other stuff with turbine points but a lot of people have not, therefore if they buy VIP it would be for everything, witch i...
  15. True Strory

    Okay, I love the hunter, but i realized the other day in skirmishing, i am getting killed fast, and i can no longer kill my opponent fast, and my armor is not a factor because it is almost as good as...
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    Keep whining

    Really, its fun, stop complaining and get over it, i like the forced emotes, so just start the dang song over!
  17. i agree me

    You have a good point myself, and very good litterature too xD
  18. The Newfound Skirmishing, and making free-to-play, actually free-to-playable

    Hello fellow LOTRO users, I'm sure you're all wondering, like me, where in the sled of Santa Clause's snicker doodles is the Gondamon skirmish? Well my little pigmies, it is true. They have removed...
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    the problem is that im a minstrel and my lad is a...

    the problem is that im a minstrel and my lad is a warden, he is my guard, im a big time subscriber to this game and i want to start seein this minstrel sattleback of yours, so when i do ill be...
  20. Re: Dream Neighborhoods (Ideas for new housing areas)

    Now heres a thread worthy of concideration, both of your posts absalutely admirable! it would be perfect for kinships to find a place to settle down to gether and build a nieghborhood in i would...
  21. Re: Ban Armor and Jewelry switching while in Combat!

    I do not agree, each and every piece of armor goes to different stats, so when and if you change you have an up chance for various attacks, upgrades, and stances. I plea this especially for the...
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    Re: Let the Creeps run Free on all the Lands!

    Hey, i think its a long shot, but it is a shot none the less. Ill be proud of you if it goes though, so more power to you and all your supporters (including meeee!).
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    Re: New homesteads and 2 floor homes

    i disagree, i would like if there was more homes in each neiborhood though, and i do agree that there should be homes in rovannion, so that not every player spread across the United States or Europe,...
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    Re: Great Eagle NCP's

    oh no! Gwaihere would never let you ride him. If you have read the book: The Fellowship Of The Ring, than Gwaihere let Gandalf ride him because he was in dept with him. Also, if you read the hobbit,...
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    Re: Burglar Steed

    much power to that, horse back riding is amazing...ly difficult, lol. i am pretty good, if you watch some movies most actors suck and are always hurting their groins because of it.

    if i could say,...
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