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  1. Thanks, everyone, for the help! Just an update: ...

    Thanks, everyone, for the help! Just an update:

    After LOTRO repeatedly shut down my computer, I tried running Diablo 3 and it did the same thing. I opened the Dell diagnostics on their website and...
  2. New laptop - LOTRO crashes computer every time

    LOTRO ran fine on my old desktop, even with its (we censor the word c r a p p y?) integrated graphics and total lack of support for gaming. I needed a laptop for uni and wanted something that would...
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    I read through a portion of the arguments being...

    I read through a portion of the arguments being held above before deciding that I'd rather not get involved.

    OP, I'm a girl! I don't walk around advertising my gender, but people have asked...
  4. This screenshot from Tera made me lose any kind...

    This screenshot from Tera made me lose any kind of interest in it.


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    Re: Please take Tasks out of total quest count


    I don't usually accept the tasks as quests anymore, for this reason - I'm always right at my quest limit anyway.

    Personally, I use this nifty thing (thanks to those who set that up) to...
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    Re: Loh-tro and Law-tro

    LOH-tro. My friend from NY says LAH-tro. *shrug*
  7. Thread: Lotteries

    by KaylesX

    Re: Lotteries

    Agreed! All of my characters have won something recently, I'm pretty chuffed!
  8. Re: Character Names - How did you come up with you characters name? - What inspired i

    Aileciel (Lórien) - I was a noob, so I just combined some syllables that sound pretty (at least I saw the tip about ellyth and iel suffixes). Now I cringe about how it doesn't even pretend to be...
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    Sticky: Re: The Faces of Dwarrowdelf!


    Resident altoholic, player of six characters level 44 and under...ha.
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    Re: Is VIP account wide?

    Yes, it is account-wide.

    Evendim has more quests, and is more fun, imo. But the Trollshaws are pretty fun, too.
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    Instance going crazy

    I was in an instance (the Twisted Heart, I think it's called) in Evendim. I was with Longbough going to defeat Heart-Rot. We defeated all of the little mobs with no problem, but then when we started...
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    Re : Is this server dead?

    I left right before the expansion was released, and only came back a month or so ago. There are definitely far fewer people than there used to be in the lower-level areas - even in mid-level areas...
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    Re: My Sights Of Middle Earth

    These are gorgeous! Thanks for sharing, please keep them coming!
  14. Thread: New hairstyles

    by KaylesX

    Re: New hairstyles

    Signed! And totally agree about the hat thing - none of my characters wear visible hats because it makes their hair go away. >.>
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    Re: wow I am fascinated by people.

    This fairly well sums up my opinion. There are a few things that I wish were different in the movies (mostly characters and scenes cut for time or conciseness, but also the absolute ruination of...
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    Re: Advice for a returning player

    Exactly what I was looking for - thank you both very much! I'll give it a go. Thanks for the tips!
  17. Re: Best Characters in LOTR and the Fantasy Genre in General

    I really don't see many similarities between Frodo and Harry or between Ron and Sam - beyond their basic archetypes, i.e. the hero and the sidekick. IMO, Frodo is much more likeable than Harry - a...
  18. Re: How many hours do YOU play and are you a casual player?

    OP, I would tend to agree with you that 36 hours a week is far beyond casual.

    I'm recently returned from hiatus, but during my peak, I would spend probably 2-3 hours on LOTRO on weekdays, three or...
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    Re: Advice for a returning player

    If you think my post is the same as the others (which I did read), you must not have read it. -.- I'm not a new Mini, I played one for about a year (and know how to kite and fight and do deeds).

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    Advice for a returning player

    Hello, all.

    I used to play quite regularly (if slowly), but around September of last year I got busy with uni applications and coursework and general life stuff, and found myself without the...
  21. Re: In which I ask a little class advice from you Delfians

    Oh, don't get me wrong, I'm interested in hearing what everybody has to say!

    I honestly hadn't even thought of burglars. I don't see very many around. I'll have to look into that.

    Thanks again...
  22. Re: In which I ask a little class advice from you Delfians

    Thanks! I'll keep going with my LM and see if it gets any easier on me. :)

    Hmm, I don't really like melee so much, so I may go with a rune-keeper. Thanks :)

    As for red-traited minis, I'm...
  23. Re: In which I ask a little class advice from you Delfians

    I've actually been interested in hunters for a while, but from what I've read on the forums, they have inductions, too. But I may consider it. I like DPS :) I may as well roll one and try it out. I'm...
  24. In which I ask a little class advice from you Delfians

    Hallo there.

    My main is a Minstrel. I love the class to bits, so two of my alts (which are basically used only for crafting) are also Minstrels. It seemed simpler, since I wasn't planning on...
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    Re: What's In a Name?

    With my first character, I wasn't sure yet if I was really going to get into the game, so I didn't spend much time thinking about her name. I just picked some random syllables that sounded pretty and...
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