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  1. Re: I Do It Better From Behind - All Burglar Kin

    I would love to join.
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    Men of Bree

    The Men of Bree have been on Imladris for around 8 months now, we have over 450 members and counting, and we make it a point to only accept kind and helpful members into the kin. Vulgar and obnoxious...
  3. Men of Bree looking for successor over level 42

    The Men of Bree, a lifespan rank 4 (as of 11/20/10) kinship, is looking for an experienced over level 42 as the possible heir to the throne. If you meet this criteria, message Goldenbeard.
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    Re: Men of Bree

    Thanks for your comment. (Really, it helps). I'll have a talk with my officers and make sure that they all know not to send a random, blind invite to anyone. We're sorry for your experience, I'll do...
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    Re: Death Dealers - Kinship

    Hey, I'm the founder of the Men of Bree, and I was wondering if you'd be interested in joining an alliance between my kinship and yours. Our website is http://menofbree.webs.com/leagueofwarriors.htm,...
  6. FIRST KINSHIP ALLIANCE - For kinship founders only

    The League of Warriors is an alliance (NOT A KINSHIP) of kinships within Middle-Earth. The point of forming an alliance is to help each and every member of all the kinships within the alliance. For...
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    Men of Bree

    The Men of Bree are a lifespan rank 8 Kinship, with about 450+ members. We are recruiting anyone. The founder is Goldenbeard. Message him if you're interested in joining. We try to be kind and...
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