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    Bare Chested Dwarf

    Hi all,
    Does the bare chested dwarf match the skin that you started with? The reason I ask, I play a very dark skinned dwarf and do not want to go pale. Makes sense that the dwarf that goes...
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    Crafted Staves

    Hi all,

    I was wondering if the look, style, and cosmetic of the staff can be chosen in some way? Or does the place of the crafting make a difference in the style that is produced? I'm just...
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    Hobbit clothes

    Dear Turbine,

    I would love some new hobbit clothes for my hobbit this new year. I know the Mathom house has a suit, but I'm looking for something new. And I would be willing to buy them in the...
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    So just for fun, does anyone know if any of the characters or locations made it into the game? I have seen a few how about you?

    The Lonely Troll he sat on a stone
    and sang a mournful lay:
  5. The All-Welcome Inn...where is it in game?

    I'm rereading The Hobbit and was wondering where this Inn was at in game. The All-Welcome Inn was an inn in the Shire, just west of Frogmorton, where the Northway met the Great East Road. It was to...
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    I do not play with plug ins (and never will) and...

    I do not play with plug ins (and never will) and I have changed the setting as asked by the Turbine staff. I'm still having issues with crashing to the desktop. At this point, there is no point in...
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    I'm not sure if the patch today was a move to fix...

    I'm not sure if the patch today was a move to fix the crashing, but it has done nothing for me. I'm fighting client crashes more than orcs. It seems to just randomly happen, but only in Rohan for me....
  8. Looking to Creep more, looking for a tribe

    Hello Vilya,

    Looking to come back to playing in the Moors more now. I had a blast with the raid last night. I've been away so long that things have really changed. Most of the creep names I do not...
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