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  1. Excellent!

    @ Foxway

    I will be online for the next couple hours on one of my new alts (Ylati), send him a /tell in-game and I'll switch to my main and add you guys to the kinship. :)
    Things are starting to...
  2. Replies

    Grand Idea

    All in favor of a Vanilla Lotro? Like what they did with WoW.
  3. @sgtronnoc I would love to add you to the...


    I would love to add you to the team! I (literally) just arrived home from my trip, so I will be a little busy over the next day or so. In the meantime I will be updating LotRO,...
  4. Basic Guidelines and Rules as of October 21st 2013

    There will be 1 (One) leader, that leader sits at the top and at the bottom of the totem pole. He is responsible for the actions of every member of his kinship. The sub(or Co)-Leader is responsible...
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    Hey there!

    Greetings AddisonH,

    I am a beta player who is looking to get back into the game after a good 6-7 months of absence. To get back into the game properly I decided that I wanted to begin anew with a...
  6. @Bongart: Thank you for the advice Bongart! I...

    @Bongart: Thank you for the advice Bongart! I have been playing LotRO since Beta, but over the years the good solid 'community based' kinships have slowly died off. I am trying to start something...
  7. Creating Effrego Obscurum, Brandywine Server

    Hello fellow LotRO players both new and old alike, I haven't spent much time here in the forums but I thought I'd give it a try!

    My goal?

    To create a Kinship that becomes like a second family...
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