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    I'm a little surprised nobody mentioned a swap...

    I'm a little surprised nobody mentioned a swap melee weapon. I've found having one can be a time saver when moving across landscape and a life/power saver during long fights. Also you rarely need to...
  2. I've been working on getting my first champ to...

    I've been working on getting my first champ to level cap and had been wondering about many of the discussed issues. Your thread was very helpful, thanks.
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    Preparing a Cook

    Any advice on whether some specific ingredients that cooks can make now that will be useful when crafting after RoR goes live? I would love to know in advance if I'll need a stack of tasty frosting,...
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    A similar situation happened to me when I won a...

    A similar situation happened to me when I won a lotto for a SoEK last fall before the expansion and I ended up going w/ a class item for my main who happened to be a guard. I was able to use the belt...
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    Gear/LI questions

    My burg is about to hit level 75 and so I figured it was time to ask some gear questions. My first to level cap chars were a grd and a hnt which are geared enough to be useful in their roles and...
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    Plugin Trouble

    I doubt the general discussion forum is the proper place for these questions so please excuse me for not knowing where to post. After playing a Grd and a Hnt to level cap and now working on a Brg up...
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    I made my hunter an explorer (who is one of two...

    I made my hunter an explorer (who is one of two mains for me) for the convenience of mats collecting. Any time one of my woodworker, weaponsmith, or metalworker need to craft, I can use the hunters...
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    If you don't like raiding, having the four...

    If you don't like raiding, having the four non-token pieces of the Galtrev set supplemented by pauldrons and helmet from Ox-Clan camp is an option. You'll be able to choose on those extra two pieces...
  9. Re: Guardian skill layout help? Also any advice would be nice. :)

    I found the following thread very useful when modelling my Guard after I first hit lvl cap although it may help at the lower levels too.
  10. Re: Booted from full screen - Cap/Num Lock Indicator

    Thank you so much. A beautifully simple solution that had escaped me in my frustration.
  11. Booted from full screen - Cap/Num Lock Indicator

    I recently began running Directx 11 and have been getting booted out of full screen mode whenever I use NumLock for the autorun function. An annoying indicator is popping up w/ Cap/Num/Scroll...
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    Re: Guardian Virtues

    Although I don't raid often, Zeal, Innocence, Discipline, Loyalty and Charity have always treated me well while soloing and tanking 3/6 mans. I also think Honor is a bit under utilized which I used...
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    Belt Questions

    So actually I have one question about belts and one about relics in general.

    My belt question is concerned with when to replace my lvl 65 1st age belt which I plugged quite a few scrolls of...
  14. Thread: LI Question

    by mathcounts

    LI Question

    I recently got my first Elder King Symbol and am a bit unsure on how to best utilize it now that the level caps are at 75. My thought is that a 1st age lvl 65 weapon will too quickly be passed by a...
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    Re: Inventory Bags Question

    This may be a bit different situation but when I went VIP for a month, the bags opened up on all characters. However the characters I created after dropping down to premium again only had 3...
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    Incredible Lag

    Are other F2P's experiencing incredible lag when logging in? Upon attempting to log in to a char stationed at Thorin's, I was actually considered AFK when I finally did get past the log in screen....
  17. Re: Unbearable lag, game unplayable in new areas

    I'm suffering the same issues in town but outside of the hub, the lag spikes seem to dissipate a bit. I'm not saying it's preferable but concentrating on exploration, collecting ingredients from...
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    Re: Advice for a First Timer

    Ahhh thank you, I remember getting these letter at different points in time while playing and didn't make the connection some of them may have been from expansions or upgrades. I have a 65 HNT and a...
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    Advice for a First Timer

    I started playing only this past February so Isen will be my first expansion and was hoping to get some seasoned advice on what I can expect once it goes live. Will characters receive a bit of mail...
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