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    Lords of Brotherhood is actively recruiting....

    Lords of Brotherhood is actively recruiting. We're arguably the largest active kinship on the server, but that doesn't mean we're massive or impersonal. We love conversation, and the atmosphere is...
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    Congrats, Rig! Well deserved! :D

    Congrats, Rig! Well deserved! :D
  3. In-game Events (Reprise)

    This past July (2012), Lords of Brotherhood hosted their first annual Parade of Homes 4th of July event, which actually fell on the weekend after the 4th. This was a HUGE success, and it drew loads...
  4. A Few Edits

    I've removed the Worst Decorated House. In replacement, the Best Decorated House contest will have 3 winning tiers. The prizes of each are as follows.

    Tier 1) 15g, 1 Perlino Steed Code, 1 500 TP...
  5. Kinship homes will be allowed, yes. However, they...

    Kinship homes will be allowed, yes. However, they will not be allowed to participate in the competition.
  6. [Summer Fun 2012] July Parade of Homes, July 13, 2012

    This is an event that will be held on the Silverlode server. Lords of Brotherhood will be hosting a "Parade of Homes". The event will be focused on visiting other players' houses to view their...
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