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  1. Thread: Draigoch

    by Amburlee

    Draigoch bug

    Since about u11, the instance became completely unplayable. The graphics are that bad, and we have been able to "guess" which way the dragon is moving enough times to get to phase 3. Yes it is...
  2. The bug is back. u11

    This seemed to go dormant, started to re-appear shortly before update 11, and is back with a vengeance since update 11 was released. It took nearly half an hour of logging in and out in order to...
  3. Re: Maintenance for 6/11/2012, was anything fixed?

    If people keep contacting Turbine regarding the volume 3 book 2 chapter 1 not being bestowed, and their fix is to bypass chapter 1 and bestow chapter 2, I have an issue with that: Chapter 1 is a...
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