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  1. With the number of double items dropping in those...

    With the number of double items dropping in those BB .
    I hope they wil not remove and put in a option that y dont get the same #### over and over a reward pick hing would be better that y can...
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    Leveling for people with more then one char

    I think there must be a way to speed or advance this up ,i have 4 chars on 75 and want a other class aswel and again go to all low quest isnt fun anymore.
    why cant turbine make a option for...
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    make sure you dont skip one then you dont get...

    make sure you dont skip one then you dont get last quest
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    Re: a Worn Symbol of Elder King?

    Wine wine wine
    without trying Orthranc?
    that is just Bull....
    its a fair chance and the one who got 2 did compleet tower so please stop the jalous childs play and grind lootboxes or go...
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    Sticky: Re: Feedback: New Player Tips for Wardens

    Hi i have a warden lev 75 and its just a shame its geared well full draig set good jewelry and its tanking for biscuits!
    its such a bad class now turbine better gave it away for free and dont ask...
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