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  1. what happened to Demise....did they meet their...

    what happened to Demise....did they meet their Demise????
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    forgot email adress

    I cant remember my email I used for my account info I can still remember my characters and things its been 7 years since I used email and its not even in service anymore I think. not sure how to get...
  3. B/W No Silver Yes

    was not able to log into B/W after about 10 attempts....tried Silverlode and got in....realised WTH am I the only one here (usually silverlode is dead but not this bad) and got out. Was hoping to...
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    dont waste your money comming to Deadlode

    if your thinking of transferring to Silverlode you are throwing your money away for nothing, better off giving your money to finding a cure for Ebola. The servers been dead for over a year now and I...
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