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    Housing - Ownership vs. Renting

    I'm a dabbler, I will freely admit. I take time off from each of the 3-4 MMOs I play and come back refreshed and ready to enjoy the next jaunt into Middle Earth.

    What I have not loved about this -...
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    Reasons to visit lotro.com

    Ever since they hosed the community site's data features, I've had nearly 0 reason to visit the site... Before the page revamp, I'd visit nearly every day to peek at my char stats and pop into any...
  3. Late post but might still be helpful to someone

    I have been playing for 2+ years with a late 2010 MBA, the 1.6ghz/4gb/Nvidia320m model, first under Wine and now with the native client. I have never had any complaints about performance, in my...
  4. WAS working for me

    I had merged the live Wine client with the Mac beta client as directed somewhere above, and it worked amazingly... Right up until I had to quit to sleep, and when they hot fixed. After the hotfix, I...
  5. Seconded, and tested successfully.

    Is working for me.
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