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    Rohan, Eored and Shieldmaidens


    Any Tolkien lore-savy or history buffs out there? I am in need of some resources to draw upon for the for the idea of a shield-maiden.

    I know that in the Viking days, shield-maiden was...
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    Transfers were and still are a good thing. Sadly, the two servers that seem to be islands unto themselves (Landroval and Laurelin) still have no transfer capabilities. Are there any plans in the...
  3. This was a very interesting thread to read. As...

    This was a very interesting thread to read. As much as I nerd gush over the people who can speak full sentences of <insert your Tolkien language here> and/or know the lore like the back of their...
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    Coming back again...

    Hi! I've recently have returned to the game (rl issues *sigh) and I see so many changes. I still am a role player at heart and would like to get back into the groove of things. I have characters...
  5. Thank you all for the input. I would like to...

    Thank you all for the input. I would like to point out that my character is fleshed out with a rudimentary alignment guideline, outlook and mannerisms. I do like the thought of a character...
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    Wow...didn't know end-content and high level zerg...

    Wow...didn't know end-content and high level zerg raids were that important to people. I understand that stuff needs to run smooth like butter when raiding...lag/freezes will have you in tears. To...
  7. Need input for rp background Laurelin server

    Hello! Returning player coming back after a break (RL bah humbug) and I have decided to flesh out my character, Naurendal, a guardian from Mirkwood. My premise was (long before that movie Frozen)...
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    It has been confirmed: iconic legend David Bowie is dead after and 18 month battle with cancer. He passed away surrounded by his family. Here's a moving tribute made by Cmdr Hadfield of the...
  9. Question about buying quest packs ingame store vs Market

    I have a quick question about what's what. I've been a paying member since 2011 but I have played infrequently due to RL in the past. I am specifically looking at the LOTRO Expansion quad pack. ...
  10. New player returning disclaimer: They raised the...

    New player returning disclaimer: They raised the cap..again?!? Ok, I can deal with that...it's what keeps me coming back to LOTRO - the storyline and the feeling that I'm making progress at...
  11. Feedback FormCharacter(s): Naurendal Ithilfen ...

    Feedback FormCharacter(s): Naurendal Ithilfen

    Origin: Mirkwood

    Home: Wanders due to background

    Kinship: None

    Are you satisfied with the Elven RP Community? Why/why not? Conditional...
  12. *listens with wide-eyed horror* I am the...

    *listens with wide-eyed horror*

    I am the player of Naurendal Ithilfen, a guardian from Mirkwood. This is the class I like ALOT. Disclaimer: I started on Landroval with a minstrel so this class...
  13. Radhruin_EU makes a good point and thanks for...

    Radhruin_EU makes a good point and thanks for the Eryn Galen. I haven't had much of an opportunity to rp that aspect of my character. Thanks again guys!
  14. What do the elves of Mirkwood call their home...

    I decided to bite the bullet at make a (gasp!) elf from Mirkwood who is not a hunter (shocking, I know...). As a guardian, she has a strong sense of pride of her homeland. I have taken this to be...
  15. Having trouble looking for fellowships

    I'm a relatively recent return to LOTRO and in my noobish experience, I picked up fellowship quests that I can't seem to find a fellowship to complete :( Since you can only LFF only one fellowship...
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    Can you post a link to your grammar rules source,...

    Can you post a link to your grammar rules source, please?
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    I like Ruth's Noble's book since she gives...

    I like Ruth's Noble's book since she gives grammar rules for Sindarin and Quenya. The critiques that I found about her work did not note anything specific other than omissions- mind you, this is a...
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    Thanks a lot of the links and information. For...

    Thanks a lot of the links and information. For my elf, I'm going to stick to Thingol's decree that made Sindarin the main language instead of Quenya.
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    Resource for Sindarin language

    Hello! I've returned to playing LOTRO after a break. I play a Lothlorien elf complete with a proud heritage slant. I am seeking a good and/or universally approved Sindarin dictionary. I have...
  20. Returning [;ayer and escrow broker questions

    I have resumed playing after a break. I understand that my character's house items went into the escrow broker. I checked the escrow broker and my things were there. I went through the character...
  21. Re: Gar-Estel ((To Have Hope - An Elf-Themed Open RP Event))

    I am looking forward to this :) See you then!
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    Re: A Hobbit's Tale - Back There Again...

    Awesome story. Thank you for the effort you put into it. I look forward to the next one!
  23. Re: Rememberance of the Elven Ruins Part One: Nen Hilith

    This sounds like an excellent idea. I look forward to being there.
  24. Re: Roleplaying! Landroval compared to Laurelin

    ...I have no words to add but as a new player who struggles to find a niche, this phenomena is being observed. Problem identified - any possible solutions?
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    Re: Acts of Kindness: Landroval Edition

    Hello my name is Anorlin. I play an elven minstrel on Landroval- my home server. My testimony of kindness ...

    For the short time I have been here, Landie has been a kind home to a tenderfoot...
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