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  1. Now with Kinship House! Huzzah!

    Now with Kinship House! Huzzah!
  2. Kin Website now available

    Of Ale and Pink Oliphaunts website is now up. Check it out to learn a bit more about our Kinship. :)


  3. "Of Ale and Pink Oliphaunts" New Kin, Recruiting Members

    "Of Ale and Pink Oliphaunts" is foremost a social kin. We don't strive to be the biggest, nor feel the need to prove our "badassery" - just looking for a good time, enjoying Middle Earth with good...
  4. Replies

    Re: ROI and Datdefrag

    You sure about the recommendation to NOT use the defrag utility? There is an updated section in the support help covering several questions dealing with the utility - including the exact issue...
  5. Replies

    In Game Message Board

    An in-game bulletin board for posting "Kin Recruiting", "Hides of Sale" or "Lost Dog" messages would be great. Good locations for bulletin boards would be AH (any), Prancing Pony and the Bree Market...
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