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    Here's one I'm surprised no-one's noticed - To...

    Here's one I'm surprised no-one's noticed - To The King can now apply a 15s damage and attack speed buff via the 'Blind Rage' trait. This buff has it's own icon separate from the standard TtK run...
  2. All of Dar Narbugud is easily solo-able now as...

    All of Dar Narbugud is easily solo-able now as well, except for the Mistress (unless the stun-death adds bug and don't spawn). I've found that clearing the other 5 bosses is very fast and yields 16x...
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    Thanks for talking to us

    Thanks very much for taking the time to post, Verizal.

    In my opinion, LotRO's main weakness has always been itemization and RNG issues. I think it's fantastic that you're actively working to...
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    Oh, sorry, I must have missed the part where the OP told us what speakers he's going to use. And also the part where he said he doesn't use a decent set of cans now and then.

    If you're using...
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    First of all, you ask about PC builds on a PC...

    First of all, you ask about PC builds on a PC builders' forum.

    That said, you've got some good answers so far.

    You definitely want an SSD. I've seen several sales for the Samsung 830 128gb...
  6. I'll be the first to agree with you that the LI...

    I'll be the first to agree with you that the LI system is generally not a good thing. Having said that, I have no sympathy for the situation you have apparently put yourself in.

    You should know...
  7. BINGO. If you're running around with 2000+ vit,...

    BINGO. If you're running around with 2000+ vit, 800+ might, and 300+ agility, then your Ward will miss. Ward is our ONE defensive buff skill, and the legacy increases duration by 100%. I'll take...
  8. While I agree that an immediate Challenge would...

    While I agree that an immediate Challenge would be nice, I have to agree with Clappi.

    There's a reason that not all skills are immediate. Timing is part of player skill. If timing a Challenge is...
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    Why is it that even a post like this, where the...

    Why is it that even a post like this, where the poster is mostly talking sense, still makes me want to punch a face?

    I guess I'll just quote Evendale instead of continuing to rant about the lack...
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    Re: Please make the OP guards a viable DPS

    And it's a lot depressing to see people continue to post drivel AFTER a post like Evendale's, indicating that they don't even bother reading it. It's everywhere, in every thread. It's like there is...
  11. Re: Riders of Rohan and the Champion playstyle

    Why are you concerned? You honestly think that any significant portion of the game is going to require mounted combat? After we've been playing our classes since 2007?

    Turbine isn't that dumb. ...
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    Re: Good skirmish soldier for gaurds?

    What kind of skirms?

    For skirm raids, use an herbalist with the power restoration skills.

    For fast soloing, you can also use an herbalist, or a Warrior with lots of AoE skills.

    In general,...
  13. Re: Block stance vs. Threat stance, and Engage questions

    You can get a lot more mileage out of Engage by planning for it's use. Simply using it every time it's up is a waste of potential.

    Take acid or F/F (blitz method) for instance:
    Start the fight...
  14. Checking up on crit defense of yesteryear, hopefully with some more help from Graalx2

    We had some good discussions on crit defense last year.
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    Re: Star Crystal Results

    Wow. That is a huge damage boost for the 1st crystal - #2 and 3 are ####, comparatively.

    Can you comment on your actual observed damage numbers though? This thread has a lot of champs concerned:...
  16. Re: Star-lit Crystas and the End of the Incentive to Raid Orthanc Tier 2?

    Ah, so we can't draw any inferences from the code that has already been released, but can instead make unfounded claims about how things should be based on how each of us feels it should be. Qualify...
  17. Re: Star-lit Crystas and the End of the Incentive to Raid Orthanc Tier 2?

    Unless things have changed from BR to Live, you are greatly, greatly mistaken. Please inform yourself before posting.
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    Re: Dark Delvings final boss

    This. Let him bounce you back and forth across the center. I find this to be more reliable and fun than using the wall.

    If for some reason you don't want to get punted, use stamp or (in a...
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    Re: Draigoch the Bug-ridden

    Our kin had this bug on us last night as well. Ironically, this is the first time I'd ever seen him bug.

    We only had 8 people in the raid. There were several deaths and rezzes, we were still in...
  20. Re: Endurance of Stone now 50% instead of 75%?

    When the skill was first introduced, it covered all mob damage types, (Common, Fire, Shadow) and had 75% magnitude.

    Forochel introduced frost damage April 2008. (Not really a big deal, since...
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    Re: Glorious exchange

    I can only hope that the technical issues were too hard to sort out. Does there exist any other skill which can have it's proc negated by a timer? The first thing that comes to mind is the Exalted...
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    Re: Fastest T2 Draigoch Kills

    Oh I just love it when haters get caught being ignorant. +Rep to you sir. I'm glad that you got this done before the update.
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    Re: Fastest T2 Draigoch Kills


    Considering how quickly they kill the claws, I'd imagine that they could tank the head 'the real way' with a glory traited champ (or guard) with no heals, and their total time would be...
  24. Re: Legacy Goals by Item and Function (Post-RoI)

    I think the problem is that you find +max morale relics to be desirable in the current environment.
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    Re: LI questions

    I tried this way back in Moria, and the legacy bonus was removed when the legacy was swapped out. I can't check it at present, but in my experience, this is the behavior of all toggle skills.
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