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    Class Trait Set Unlock (95 LP) I see my error...

    Class Trait Set Unlock (95 LP)

    I see my error now. I mistook that for the Trait Slot: Virtue/Corruption. When you click on the unlockable slot from the Virtue Traits panel in the Trait Tree Panel...
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    Purchasing General Trait Slot Error

    I've tried twice now to purchase a general trait slot via the LOTRO store with no success. You supposedly receive a token now to unlock the slot. Both times the purchase goes through and I receive a...
  3. I was hoping at the very least some "character...

    I was hoping at the very least some "character audit" feature could be implemented that simply lists the characters you have for each server. Nothing more than that. Of course, one can systematically...
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    That's very disappointing to hear. The character...

    That's very disappointing to hear. The character viewer, albeit very cumbersome to maintain I'm sure, was the main reason I visited or used this forum at all.
  5. Ah , thanks guys. I wasn't aware of the new Mac...

    Ah , thanks guys. I wasn't aware of the new Mac client. I'd definitely prefer that over the Crossover method.
  6. Sorry to be so dense here: So with Step two...

    Sorry to be so dense here:

    So with Step two after installing Macports, I literally just type "sudo port install wine-crossover" in the Terminal? What is that doing exactly?

    I have Macports...
  7. WTB 2-3 Master Journeyman Weaponsmith's Journals


    I'm surprised at how scarce Tier 2 Journals are on Windfola. Perhaps I'm just looking at the wrong times. If any kind Scholars out there would do business with me I'd like to purchase 2-3...
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    Re: Vilya crashed?

    This is happening on Nimrodel as well. I think it's happening on multiple servers...
  9. Re: URGENT:Turbine response required

    I would also like a link to that information. I can't seem to find it.
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    Re: Updated now Lotroclient.exe NOT FOUND

    I'm having the same issue: "The game client file ("lotroclient.exe") was not found. The next update process should download the correct file."

    You all are saying I should reinstall the whole game?...
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    Re: Characters in MyLORTO

    Actually I'm glad someone asked about this and that there is some feedback. As minor as that information/feature is (seeing character data/logs) it is one of my favorite features of MyLOTRO.

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