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    Yeah, I like the game but I think $40 is a lot...

    Yeah, I like the game but I think $40 is a lot for an expansions that is over a year old now. I came back to the game because I saw all the welcome back sales. I even went VIP. I was pretty...
  2. Re: recent decline in pug forr raids in my server

    why not just join a raiding kin?
  3. Re: Update 6 ballads not unlocking coda and anthems

    This has happened to me twice. Both times I was in the new 6 man and just attributed to the new instance being glitchy. I am unsure when or if they will fix this but what has worked for me is using...
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    Re: DPS Minstrels

    My mini (was end game before new content release, I want some kindred stuff)
    I had all the healing gear I wanted and made a DPS build


    I trait capstone red
    I made a weapon only for...
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    Re: Introductions and Free Turbine Points

    I am on Dwar. if my name didnt give it away. And I am part of the empire. I am fairly new to the game but I like it a lot. And I am VIP i dont get how people can play without it.
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