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    Re: "Multiplier" effects

    I was referring to other, non-legendary items... like this: http://lotro-wiki.com/index.php/Item:Etched_Beryl_Ring_of_Tactics. But I think my question has already been answered - it would increase...
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    "Multiplier" effects

    One of the legacies on my new (well, first and only) Lore-master's legendary staff is a percentage increase in Light of the Rising Dawn's critical multiplier. What does that mean? Does 'critical...
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    Re: Newbie Loremaster Hotbar Advice?

    How are you guys getting additional hotbars on the right side of the screen?
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    Re: Inner Flame

    Inner Flame is absolutely NOT a useless skill.

    At level 36 I have the following "F@$* ME I'M GONNA DIE! ...but I need this kill!" skills:
    1) Wisdom of the Council
    2) Morale Pots
    3) Light of the...
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    Missive to the Rangers of Esteldin

    I posted in another thread on this but later realized it was the test server forum, so I figured reposting here would be more appropriate.

    Has anyone had any success with this quest, either in...
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    Dwarves and Light Armor

    Is the any light armor set that doesn't look absolutely ridiculous on a Dwarf? I've been running around a full hillbilly tuxedo on my Minstrel because I'm just too embarrassed to show my actual...
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    Re: Undying title How to Guide

    Eh, it wasn't doing an instance that killed me, it was doing an instance in the Shire that killed me. That area hasn't had it's solo-friendly remake yet.

    I started again my my Loremaster, and...
  8. Re: Willing to hire Metalsmith for superior iron tools

    Whoops! Sorry I forgot to update this thread, but Marie was kind enough to get all the tools I needed shortly after my original posting. Thanks for the offers, though!
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    Re: Undying title How to Guide

    Round 1 with my Loremaster: I failed at level 9 because I grouped with an idiot that pulled five mobs from around a corner. I didn't see them all and, stupid me, tossed him a beacon heal. I died...
  10. Willing to hire Metalsmith for superior iron tools

    I have five characters that need brand-spanking-new sets of superior iron tools for their vocations.

    2 Cooking Supplies
    2 Farming Tools
    2 Tailor's Tools
    3 Prospector's Tools
    1 Jeweller's Tools...
  11. Re: New Delving Faction -- Proposed Creep Classes

    While you have some really good ideas here, the likely result of introducing a third faction is just a more diluted player base of the two factions we already have.
  12. Re: Picture, music, and the stars in Dwarfland

    Oh that's Smaug? Man, I want it even more now! :\

    I know the hole you're talking about, but it's on the opposite end of the neighborhood and is in no way visible from the waterfall area.
  13. Picture, music, and the stars in Dwarfland

    In the Great Smials library, there's a picture of a green dragon. Is it possible to acquire this or a similar picture for our personal homes? Is it possible to get the music from the Combe and/or...
  14. Re: Open Houses on Crickhollow - Post Your Address

    2 Low Street, Lindgarth (not Leikgarth) in Thorin's Hall

    I only moved in a couple days ago, but I'm working hard to make it feel like home. A couple more yule trees in the front yard to replace...
  15. Re: What happened to the low level crafting quests?

    Oh... you mean you can accept them all (without completing any) by just changing professions a buncha times?

    That's annoying... I'm already halfway through mastery on the first level of all my...
  16. Re: What happened to the low level crafting quests?

    Thank you for the quick response!

    Your answer is incredibly disappointing, though. :( All those quests combined were worth a good 2+ levels XP before, making it much easier to get the elusive...
  17. What happened to the low level crafting quests?

    The title says it all.

    I'm just now getting back into LOTRO after a year+ absence, and, as usual, I took my level ~10 characters to hit up the easy XP crafting quests. The only problem is......
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