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    Re: After Much Waiting...

    I haven't played in a while.

    But after reading the blogs I can say I'm very excited!
  2. Re: What I feel about our attitude and even more "FIX US" threads.

    Just canceled my account until Wardens get a decent fix.

    BTW, If anyone at Turbine is listening...your "Exit Survey" needs to be updated.

    "What level is your character" question only offers...
  3. Re: Lotro Lifers Unite! You have nothing to lose but your brains!

    If anyone should get a title it should be those of us who have paid a monthly subscription since 2007.

    You may have paid a couple hundred up front, but its the people on the monthly plan who keep...
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    Re: What happened to Graalx2?

    Graalx2 and Orion are both great devs. I'm glad to have Orion on-board as the Warden and Champ dev as he has always done a great job working with the community (as he is now).

    Game devs, just like...
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    Re: Sample size: THREE THOUSAND

    Have you seen the sample errors for political polls? :)
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    Re: Sample size: THREE THOUSAND

    This just in, Random Number Generators not really random....

    Read up on em at good old Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Random_number_generation

    @OP Good work. (Any chance we could talk...
  7. Re: Grinds Grinds Grinds To Tempt Us To Buy Stuff In Store - Anyon Else Tired Of This

    As an original SOA player, I think I can say that the game has always been somewhat grindy.

    In SOA it was grinding out Virtues, Class Deeds, etc.

    With Forochel we got the "Reputation Grind"...
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    Re: Warden Masteries Question


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    Re: Isengard not the size of an expansion?


    Like when they said the store would only offer "convenience"?

    Now you can get store only relics that are more powerful, upgrade your stats, faster mounts, etc.

    Store = pay to win. But...
  10. Re: Spanish subsection within 'The Lord of the Rings Online - Languages' section

    If it makes you feel any better, as an American I can't tell what people from England are trying to say 50% of the time. And we share a common language as well!
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    Re: Petition: Add Masteries to GMWT

    Yes, but not really improving it and instead just making it necessary by moving the masteries to it doesn't really fix the problem of the core part of WoTW only being useful in some situations.

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    Re: Petition: Add Masteries to GMWT

    I know this is done being discussed.. but /signed.

    (Pardon my tardiness, I haven't been on the boards for a while as I have taken a break form LoTRO until recently)

    I just read the Dev Diary....
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    Re: Turbine will change the pvmp?

    Unfortunately, LoTRO is a PvE game with PvP added on.

    Monster Play was fun after it was first introduced, but there are just a lot of problems that stand in the way of it either being balanced or...
  14. Re: ~ Legendary System Still Highly Unsatisfying ~ Stopped Playing to Come Post ~

    Rage quit?

    More like boredom quit.

    I'm sorry, but an endless cycle of re-grinding LI's is no fun. If they are supposed to be so "legendary" why not let them level up with us, rather than making...
  15. Re: ~ Legendary System Still Highly Unsatisfying ~ Stopped Playing to Come Post ~

    Which part of the revamp solves the issue of Legendary Items being junk every time the level cap increases?

    The community asked for a skirmish soldier-style trait system for LI's.

    We got legacy...
  16. Re: ~ Legendary System Still Highly Unsatisfying ~ Stopped Playing to Come Post ~

    I agree with the OP.

    The failure of the LI Revamp is largely why canceled my two LoTRO subs and started playing rift (which I'm enjoying btw).

    Also the lack of decent PvP in LoTRO.

    I was...
  17. Looking to shake up your PvP a little bit?

    You should try out the Rift open beta next week, it starts on the 15th.

    I've played in the last two betas (5&6) and PvP is really fun.

    You can play on either an open world PvP server or a PvE...
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    Re: Righteous Indignation is disbanding!

    Is the new MMO called Rift?
  19. Re: The name you have selected would not be appropriate in Middle-earth.

    Yep, just like you can cultivate "pipe-weed" and then "smoke" it....but "weed" is in the profanity filter. Oh, and there are those quests that involve your character getting drunk to the point that...
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    Re: how come I never see any burglars?

  21. Re: Who else doesnt like thet fact that Vol II gets revamped,all soloable?

    I don't think anyone wants to see group content eliminated altogether.

    But many people want to be able to do the epic story line without having to wait around to get a group.

    2.5.5 can be...
  22. Re: Who else doesnt like thet fact that Vol II gets revamped,all soloable?

    I don't have a problem with them making the epic story line soloable.

    There's no reason that anyone should have to a) wait up to several months (as i did on my warden) to do an epic quest (2.5.5)...
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    Re: Guards virtues - through the levels

    Lower levels I would focus on just getting my morale up. You Agil/Might stats will mostly be taken care of with your equipment...and you will get more bang from your buck with high morale at lower...
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    More Small Fellowship Content

    I would like to see more content that you can do with a small fellowship. 3-4 players, or maybe 2 very good players (but not solo).

    Quests or Instances.

    I think that Turbine did an excellent...
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    Re: Warden Power Issues mid levels

    All of the above is good advice. Also getting your power pool up helps, so don't be afraid of Will and Fate.

    Another piece of advice.

    Don't spam Fist gambits. Use em when you need em or they'll...
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