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    /signed. What people are asking for in this thread (lower prices, account-wide pricing, craftability, selling single colors, etc.) -- nothing unreasonable. The current pricing system, however, is....
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    Re: Retake her mandala tonight

    Foul! Foul! Not only is there no apostrophe in "smooched," but there's no T either!

    Clearly you mean "Smiley nun smooch'd favorite TART." :cool:
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    Re: Update 6 : What did you get from your LootBox

    Level 10-19 box
    Key dropped in Midgewater Marshes from a spider or neeker; box dropped from a neeker in the Constable Thistlewool epic instance

    Contents: 15 Barrow-treasures

    I will shortly be...
  4. Re: where would you live in middle earth if you had a chance?

    Lothlórien. Absolutely. I would quickly stop caring about all the ladders and spiral staircases once I got to my talan and saw the Golden Wood spread out all around me.
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    Re: Yule festival?

    Dear Turbine,

    People get cranky around the solstice. You don't have to have seasonal affective disorder to be put out of sorts by the lack of light here in the Northern Hemisphere. Please give us...
  6. Thread: Surnames

    by 2ElfCrew

    Re: Surnames

    A lot of characters in the Shire have book surnames or are book characters -- names like Sandyman, Bolger, Bracegirdle, Took, Brandybuck, and the possibly less desirable Maggot!

    Elves don't have...
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    Re: And the winner is.....

    Most glaring omission: Lack of a kindred rep mount for the Rohirrim. You know, the Horse Lords? The people with the little horse symbols on their armor, and horsetails dangling from their helmets?...
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    Re: Favorite cosmetic cloak?

    Cloak of Mordirith's Bane, which is available as an epic book drop or from the store. That eye-catching purple/orange manages to be distinctive but not blinding. I have that on my RK, along with the...
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    Re: How many EX WOW players are here now

    Not WoW, but I played DDO before this and had one character fairly close to the level cap. It just didn't have the story hook or the characters I've loved since childhood. The world didn't have a...
  10. Re: (Open Forum RP) The Drink Cures All Ale-ments!

    "Wait! Wait!" The dark-skinned Stoor lass hiding behind all the Big Folk suddenly brandished her lute. "Piper Prescott said something about 'music soothes a savage beast.' Or was it 'breast'? Oh,...
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    Re: Summer Ball Tuesday 26th of July 2011

    Thank you indeed to our gracious hostess, and to the various bandmembers who participated. (I quite liked the rewritten LOTRO-themed lyrics to "Still Alive"!) The fireworks show afterwards was really...
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    Re: Dwarven Lore-masters

    I actually think Dwarf RKs are a superb example of the bad-mofo nature of the race. (The class is still lore-breaking for Elves, who canonically could be really good at dealing damage or healing but...
  13. Re: Just how rare are the fish in the Summer Festival?

    I really like options 2 and 4 here, which would make 3 unnecessary. Token bartering sounds good in some ways, but also seems to be on the slippery slope toward more of a grindfest -- and in every...
  14. Re: PETITION: Remove or restrict "forced-emotes;" add option to turn off "forced-emot

    People may be immature, but not all immature people are dumb. Making the above statement explicitly would be a notice of intent to violate the CoC, and so people are hardly going to come on the...
  15. Re: PETITION: Remove or restrict "forced-emotes;" add option to turn off "forced-emot

    Somebody quoted part of Turbine's CoC in another thread, in which its definition of "griefing" includes actions taken with the intent of annoying or disturbing the other player. So, what reaction is...
  16. Re: PETITION: Remove or restrict "forced-emotes;" add option to turn off "forced-emot

    There is some really epic and, I think, deliberate point-missing on the part of the pro-griefing crowd: forcing someone else to do something they really don't want to do is a dork move.

    No, there...
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    Re: Griefers forcing players to faint

    It's easy enough to shrug off when someone sets me on fire or makes me cough for a few seconds as I pass through a festival area. It gets to the "extra lame with a side of lame sauce" point when...
  18. Re: What I think this game needs to take it to the next level

    The "playable creep races starting in Mordor" thing, while not in itself a bad idea, strikes me as the kind of thing that will happen about the time monkeys fly out of Christopher Tolkien's hat: that...
  19. Re: Ready to Roleplay: Picking a Race and Looking Approachable

    Actually, strange gender-based responses in roleplay are worth mentioning. At a music event the night before Weatherstock, a random Man told my Hobbit-lass (wearing her low-level cloth armor, so he...
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    Re: Emotes from sitting and other RP ideas

    /signed to the first suggestion, certainly. I was on Laurelin yesterday with a small group of people who had gathered on the grass outside Staddle to take turns listening to and playing music. It...
  21. Re: [EVENT] Hûd in Eledhrim (Hall of Fire Wednesday) Elf themed event

    Disputes aside (it was really a marvelous example of staying IC, actually, on the part of the spear-holder), I had an absolutely excellent time with Manadhlaer, my Teleri minstrel (you can see her...
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    Re: 3 Quick ways to tell you play LOTRO too much

    Answering the phone "Suilad, mellon" is probably a good indicator.

    You look at a clothing advertisement and try to poke it with your finger to see whether the item of clothing can be dyed...
  23. Re: Different relationships within Tolkiens world

    The word "homosexuality" was still fairly new during WWI, when the Professor started working on the tales that would become the Silmarillion, and the concept of identifying people exclusively by whom...
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    Re: Good memories and times within LOTRO!

    My first look at Lothlórien had me awestruck. Not only was it a welcome relief after the claustrophobic darkness of Moria, but it was my character's designated homeland -- and as I love forests...
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    Re: Design question: Rohirrim one-handed gloves

    I thought it had to do with holding a shield in the left hand and your weapon in your unshielded right. (Of course, this rationale dissolves when you're playing a class that doesn't use shields, but...
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