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  1. Re: Error: An error occurred while processing your request. We apologize for the inco

    Also broken; getting both the infinite redirect loop and 'error processing your request'.

    Have been broken ever since we first got moved here from EU.
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    Re: Elven Music Society - Andúnië

    I would love to join, I'm bored to death of all other aspects of LotRO but playing music with friends is still fun! I've converted a few dozen songs to abc format so I could probably also bring...
  3. Re: Petition: Please assign lore-appropriate names when forced renaming!

    It was completely unintentional that anyone with half an eye would read it as "that sucks"? :D
  4. Re: Petition: Please assign lore-appropriate names when forced renaming!

    The worst part of the "new" naming policies is that by not giving a free rename they're essentially taking a character hostage and demanding that you spend points in the Store to make the character...
  5. Thread: Maiar

    by Lhasbelin

    Re: Maiar

    "Orcs may be Avari, but not all Avari are Orcs", hmm?
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    Re: The Flaming Cakes Alliance

    What does it matter what the alliance is called, especially if it's an alliance and not anything that's actually visible in-game like kin names?
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    Re: New naming thread

    It's possible, because of all the memes about internet trolls and whatnot.

    'they see me (t)rollin, they hatin'
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    Re: Roleplaying! Landroval compared to Laurelin

    I'm surprised, I wouldn't have even thought it'd be possible for anyone to "claim" any place or position in the game world - some have tried on Laurelin but I think they never lasted long. I think...
  9. Re: Just asking -- is there an RP event for everyone together?

    Nimlith's Wilderness Appreciation events have been a lovely get-together for everyone regardless of race (although the themes are often rather elvish - dancing and singing to trees being the usual...
  10. Re: [EVENT] Hûd in Eledhrim (Hall of Fire Wednesday) Elf themed event

    I think Isil has pretty much every non-BoA dress there is in the game, I'm sure she'd let you borrow one or two or three.
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    Re: The EU "PvMP" server

    You mean creeps being perfectly in character, yes?
  12. Re: Rolepaying! - Laurelin compared to Landroval

    I usually add the conversation bit into the emote if I want to avoid having a speech bubble pop above my character's head - when my char is whispering, for example, or during a large concert where I...
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    Re: Medallions of The North Men and T2 OD Armor

    This. By the time I'd have enough medallions to actually barter for the raid armour pieces (I've already got t2 armour coins gathering dust in the vault) we'd be in Isengard already. I'm not going to...
  14. Re: [EVENT] Hûd in Eledhrim (Hall of Fire Wednesday) Elf themed event

    It was great to be back in the Hall of Fire!

    Indomelya playing, I think?

    The Loth i Lonnath have a gorgeous uniform!
  15. Re: Calling hunters that have completed OD T2 Disease wing challenge, need advice

    I've been wondering about this too - I have a screenshot of my hunter parrying a "thrown branch" (not sure of name) attack from one tree and as far as I know, you can't parry from range. And there's...
  16. Re: [EVENT] Hûd in Eledhrim (Hall of Fire Wednesday) Elf themed event

    It's actually not too hard to get to Rivendell as a freshly-rolled character these days - I made it there as a level 8 on Landroval by using the free horse whistle that new toons get. Still for...
  17. Re: Thank you Turibe: A solo-ers dream come true.

    I'm pretty sure there are actually more Finnish players in LotRO than Turkish and Israeli combined :P.
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    Re: Bilingual players of LOTRO

    Finnish, Swedish and French and some English. Can understand and even produce some Norwegian.
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    Re: The Laurelin Art Thread

    Personally I'd rather see new art (of which I have none...) than have the complete old thread reposted. If the backup they're compiling on LotroComm works we'd at least have the old threads and image...
  20. Re: [EVENT] Hûd in Eledhrim (Hall of Fire Wednesday) Elf themed event

    Oh shush or I'll publish one more of those Rivendell Nudist Colony shots.

    That one was from the lovely spinoff event in Duillond, just to show our new friends it's...
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    The Laurelin Art Thread

    B-because Isil told me to start it. Here, have a smelly hobbit granny to start what should be at least a hundred times more EPIC than the old tread!
  22. Re: [EVENT] Hûd in Eledhrim (Hall of Fire Wednesday) Elf themed event

    I tried to find some nice pictures of the HoF event but I just couldn't get past this:

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