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  1. Hey everyone! It's me Saegy here just to make a...

    Hey everyone! It's me Saegy here just to make a reminder that we are definitely still around and are always happy to welcome new members to our crazy family! Fell free to submit an application to our...
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    I've actually seen that sometimes this problem is...

    I've actually seen that sometimes this problem is getting caused by Constant guard, from comcast, that has an extra firewall or something or another that's not letting lotro open properly. I had a...
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    Mine did the same even after I rstarted my comp...

    Mine did the same even after I rstarted my comp xD...This last time it just took a little bit and it managed to move on. Unfortunatly now I'm stuck on examine game data. lol
  4. Re: ~Sanctuary~ Casual, cake-crazy, fun-loving

    Hmmm....must say....something......


    ....erm I mean hi :D Come visit our lovely kin<3 We love having new cake show up and ask to join~...erm i mean players :D

    *hops away...
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    Re: Lotro mac client?

    I'm also looking for a answer for a friend who had downloaded this, it work perfectly for 2 days but now she's having an issue connecting to the world server. It says "Error joining world queue". Any...
  6. Re: Character pic does not show up and game won't start =( help?!

    Still having problems =(...doesn't anyone have anything that can help? I want to pay for VIP but if I can't get in-game then what would be the point =(?
  7. Still can't get in-game...Please help?

    I can log in and my game starts up and everything like it shoud, but when it gets to the character screen the background picture and the picture of my character won't show up. and when I select my...
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    Sticky: Re: Looking for a Kinship? Post here.

    Your name, or character name and race : Saegwethien (Elf, Hunter) Lvl:21

    Age: 19

    Location: VT, Timezone EST

    Preferred server(s), if any. : Elendilmir

    Playstyle. : Not completely...
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