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    I just saw your comment. First off...the...

    I just saw your comment. First off...the soundtrack in Lhe Colvarn is one of the better "Tomb" environments as it conveys the otherworldy nature of the place. There is some serious dark magic going...
  2. Re: BAD ERROR in Skirmish Legendary Vendors (Symbol trade bugged)

    Okay...my apologies. I just grew frustrated by this and was needing to vent. I was unaware that the naming thing was against the CoC. I will refrain from that now that I know. However I was...
  3. BAD ERROR in Skirmish Legendary Vendors (Symbol trade bugged)

    The other night this error attempting to trade in one of my 2 Superior Third Marks and the required standard marks for a symbol..only to be confronted with an error that shows that one needs 3...
  4. Anyone else having multiple Lottery widgets appear on your home screen?

    I logged on today to update my Lotto entries to find I have over 10 copies of the widget displayed in and around my other things, and none appear to be working correctly as I tried to enter from any...
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    Issue with Moria Travel locations

    I recently went into Moria with my level 69 Guard. I have been to every travel point in Moria yet when I tried to access any of them from 21st hall..it listed them all as locked and requiring me to...
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    Re: Destinations Panel

    I would think that Magnarrs idea has alot of merit. And I am not saying that because he is my Kin leader. I have had alot of hassles with trying to keep all the ports and or map locations I...
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    Re: What to concentrate on???

    I would concur. As an Elf...you are very squishy early on....but the increased agility will help. My main RK is a dwarf (Khaber just shy of 65 over on Vilya) but I have an elf who is in her low 20s...
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