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  1. In response to the many suggestions: My...

    In response to the many suggestions:

    My character is Daevina level 85 - on Vilya .. She is a Taylor at max level .. she is however anonymous and set up not to accept invites because I think it...
  2. Tarnished Symbol of Celebrimbor from Bounder tokens. Bound to Account?

    Why is the Tarnished Symbol of Celebrimbor I get from turning in 1000 Bounder's tokens bound to account? I do not know about the rest of you, but it took me quite a while to first get enough tokens...
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    Hey, I know you are getting lots of frustrating...

    Hey, I know you are getting lots of frustrating advice here, but Let me see If I can maybe help you. (Your card is listed for a laptop, so I am assuming that is what you are using.)

    When the...
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