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  1. Crafting Experience to be made like Kill and Quest experience

    Have we ever considered the possibility to make crafting experience gain like kill and quest gain, to where you can still gain experience for upper tier professions by crafting lower tier items, just...
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    I am sorry for what you must have been through to...

    I am sorry for what you must have been through to have affected your thinking thus. Whatever it was, I hope you find the same mercy Bilbo offered Gollum in both God and man, and a fellowship of...
  3. Thread: Group Finder

    by Adelstein

    Group Finder

    My biggest gripe so far is that many MMOs out there have a great group finder, especially DDO. In Lotro, you pretty much have to use the LFF channel and the instance finder if you already have a...
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    Instance Finder

    I'm not sure how many times this has been suggested but can we remove that very, very small time window for instance finder and just allow it to stay up until a group is found? (Unless I'm doing it...
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    [New Kinship] The Society of Lost Play

    The Concept: (Based on earlier writings of Tolkien, more specifically found in "The Lost Tales" published by Christopher Tolkien.)

    I once had a dream that I was a traveling mariner from a time as...
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    Sticky: - Ingame Name, Race, Class, and Current Level In...

    - Ingame Name, Race, Class, and Current Level
    In game you'll often see me as:
    Coribrand Cutler, Hobbit, Burglar, 53
    Bryndr Stormscribe, Dwarf, Runekeeper, 32
    Ingelhelm, Beorning, Beorning, 31...
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    Does Turbine plan on making this available in the...

    Does Turbine plan on making this available in the foreseeable future?
  8. Lore confusion with the Shire Questline: The Took and Tower

    BTW, there are some spoilers below if you're just reading the LOTR books. This has no bearing on the movie however, so if you haven't seen them, you're safe.

    There is a quest in the Shire started...
  9. Looking for RP Hobbit Kinship

    Disregard the main title. Made an attempt at starting a Hobbit kin of my own, but don't have enough time to devote to it on my own without help. Are there any other hobbit based kins with medium to...
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    Disregard this thread. I'm disbanding the kin and do not know how to delete this.
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    [New Kinship] League of Lore and Legend

    The League of Lore and Legend, a new kinship based on fellows who are lovers of history and lore, tellers of tales, and singers of songs, are seeking officers and recruiters to aid in its conception....
  12. The Mad Baggins Adventure Club- Laurelin

    Considering an idea for a new Hobbit based kinship on Laurelin with light to medium roleplay. The idea behind it is a band of hobbits who grew up on the stories told us by Bilbo Baggins had the...
  13. If I purchased Mines of Moria prior to free to play...

    Does that mean now as a free-to-player I still have access to it or do I have to repurchase it?
  14. How many kinships here do we have for more lower level rp'ers?

    Seeing a lot of narrowly themed kinships here, i.e., men only, dwarves only, raid only, etc... How many kinships should someone like a mere level 20 human warden be looking for that are still around...
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