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  1. For me, the lore aspects of LOTRO are paramount. ...

    For me, the lore aspects of LOTRO are paramount. As long as a game looks better than Salem, graphics are a "meh" for me. One of the strengths of LOTRO (with a few minor and one major exception) is...
  2. I never quite got to grips with BASIC Programming language

    and therefore stopped listening in about 1981.

    Will the defrag tool stickied above be of any use in stopping those annoying hangs when moving from one zone to another in the same region, like from...
  3. Re: Looking for a small friendly mature Kinship

    Hi Lost! Welcome to Middle Earth!

    The Ministry of Silly Pies probably fits the description you give of the kin you are looking for, although we are getting up there in terms of size. We have a...
  4. Re: Kinship for Female toons honouring Dernhelm

    Due to some difficulties with the new system, I have been unable to access the forums with this account until now. In the meantime, I have discovered a new set of friends in the Ministry of Silly...
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