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    Get rid of summer festival add on!

    Well...so much for enjoying this game on my day off. Just like many others, I cannot even get past the load screen. I am on the dwarrowdelf server and it was running fine until we started to do this...
  2. Obviously, you are entitled to your opinion, as...

    Obviously, you are entitled to your opinion, as is everybody else. But I am not sure how much playing time you get when you play, so maybe if you play alot then the crash/disconnects in the game are...
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    on the dwarrodelf server and the same thing...

    on the dwarrodelf server and the same thing happening to my son and I quite a bit. Get rid of the festivals and the connection/bug issues will go down quite a bit.
  4. Get rid of festivals! They are half of the problems for crashes and lost connections.

    Everytime they have an update prior to some festival, we start to have issues trying to log on or play without crashing. It is obvious that the servers cannot handle all the people that play on a...
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