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  1. They are using VBulitien and with that comes the...

    They are using VBulitien and with that comes the email queue via cron jobs for a site this large. Every X amount of min X amount of emails are sent from the server. If the numbers are not set just...
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    Re: The Fat Lute - CLOSING DOWN

    I am a php coder, i have many servers, and i can host the site. although I would more or less love to just rebuild the site, and make it better overall, but If this is something that people are...
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    Nimrodel Server Just Crash?

    Anyone else not able to do anything on the server at all?

    Or is it just me, happened about 4:55 am EST.

    And still going.
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    Re: are rune keepers easy to play

    playing an rk is fun, can be very hard to do on some content, but lots of fun.

    as difficulty goes to be a great RK you really have to learn the class and know what everything dose and when to use...
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    Re: you had to complain didnt you...

    I have found that I as well have to end up kiting even if i have 3 mobs on me, I have taken a hit to my damage and stacked moral as much as I could I mean i have ok dps but the HP is the only thing...
  6. Re: Due to a technical issue we have had to disable the spawning of certain lootable

    I mean I know there are some harder bugs to fix, I am a programmer myself. But its just horrid that anything that might be a bonus for us is horrid, something that takes 3 times as much work as they...
  7. Re: Due to a technical issue we have had to disable the spawning of certain lootable

    The issue is that these things are known bugs found during beta tests and they are released on live and then used as an excuse.

    They new how fast things re-spawned on beta they new about the other...
  8. Due to a technical issue we have had to disable the spawning of certain lootable item

    So, this is something that has been kinda bothering me about all this...

    When something happens that benefits the players ( IE They re-spawn a bit quickly) and people can get free stuff for a...
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    Re: The Reason For The Update Not Working.

    I did link the original in the description but flippen youtube removed it from the description.

    I only take credit for putting 2 and 2 together.
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    Re: The Reason For The Update Not Working.

    lol glad i could ablidge
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    The Reason For The Update Not Working.

    Well I found the reason, and the Hero tried to fix it.


    I was bored.
  12. Re: Is there any reason to have any other class than an RK

    So I find it amusing that every time something happens it is always the RK that is brought up, for one NO at the moment a champ CAN NOT out DPS a single target vs a good RK there is no way. AOE Hands...
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    Re: No Profession Update on my LOTRO Sig??

    the signatures are generated via the api, which has cashed results for up to 24 hours.

    It might take some time for your signature to change to what your current stats are.

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    The Lord Of The Rings Extended Blu-Ray

    Hello All,

    So I haven't been online as much the past day for the reason of watching The Lord Of The Rings Extended Eddition Blu-Ray movies.

    The quality is amazing.

    I watch it on my home...
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    Re: Best kinship names you've ever seen

    I'm am kinda bias but.

    Inglorious Disasters - Nimrodel ( Riad Group Turn Kin Name )

    White Shores Are Calling - Only Because its mine.
  16. Re: Man ships himself over 2,000 miles in wooden crate while playing LOTRO

    He will be playing as “Townsfolk”, a level 40 Dwarf on the Meneldor server. No word yet on whether or not his mum will be delivering regular plates of cookies to his crate.

    The actual travel will...
  17. Re: Man ships himself over 2,000 miles in wooden crate while playing LOTRO

    Now that is what you call good publicity.

    And one hard core dedicated player. ( for a good cause )
  18. Re: Just a warning about the xpac and your debit card

    Sir, I think your card was stolen, because Digital River is owned by Warner and is located in the united states.

    So I honestly they did you a favor.

    I for certain that my bank would have...
  19. Re: HELP NEEDED: .NET Framework Needed But Incompatible

    .net frameworks are not backwards compatible.


    and then the update
  20. Re: Purchasing Race Tokens in the store = Real World Gambling?

    Because you are spending real money go purchase ingame items, which can be used on a gable chance of winning, and the deed itself grants turbine points * a money valued thing, it would be considered...
  21. Re: Has CStats been updated or has anyone built a new dps parser? (will you pay me to

    the combat log is not read nor wright locked while being written to by lotro :)

    The web based one that I am working on is basically just getting a few more bugs worked out as well as the file...
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    Re: ADA accessibilty request

    Ok, but there are very few people out there that know what exactly to put this under, vs nearly all educated Americans know that ADA - American Disability Act and would get the hint from that bit.
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    Re: ADA accessibilty request

    Well I personally do know of people who are in the same boat if this is not a troll session ( they don't play lotro ) but they do use air controlled systems ( chair, computer, tv controls )

    It is...
  24. Re: Vault Upgrades, are they account wide or per character?

    Your Shared Vault Space is account wide ( kinda obvious ) your personal vault space per toon can also be increased but only per toon basis.

    The cosmetic is increased Account wide as well as if you...
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    Re: So what's with the attitude about GS?

    While I have seen some people just be outright rude about things with instances, I have personally gone into a group of low level players in GS to help out was doing dps ( kinda tanked it as well (...
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