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    Strange grey horses with tilde names

    Hi all,
    yesterday I've seen 3 grey horses riding in and around Ost Guruth on my server (Estel) at approx 2200 EU time. They were names ~Mannyn, ~Rodwen and ~Valbert, with approx 31k life.
    By the...
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    Re : Re: The Riders of Rohan Pricing Discussion Thread

    Indeed, the pricing options proposed are definately expensives (at least for me). For the moment I will NOT preorder RoR until a decent pricing policy arrives...
  3. Re : Re: LotRO Splash Screen Retrospective. **Post More Please**

    First F2P era update 1 Xmas 2010.

  4. Random black rider or Nazgul encounters

    Would be fun if our chars could randomly encounter (but rarely) a black rider or a nazgul in any area of the game, that just appears a couple of minutes and grant a deed or something else, or even a...
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