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  1. Re: Where did the Reputation Barter Dwarves go in 21st hall and Dolven View?

    Absolutely abysmal decision to make by Dev team IMO. Either truly mean or just inconsiderately thoughtless.
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    Re: Prices in the new currencies

    I can only hope that ZC's assertions from the Bullroarer B2 are still valid:
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    Re: What Race is best for a Champ?

    This is true...even Thorin Oakenshield wielded an Axe at the Battle of Five Armies, despite also having a rather cool sword to hand...
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    Re: The First Finale (Minstrel Blog #4)

    Ah - realist - the self-given name for a pessimist. Maybe the elves know a nice herbal in-game equivalent to prozac...
  5. Re: The Minstrel Updates - My Hands Are On Fire

    Well both of my minstrels, at 65 and 62, love their glowing hands. I remember the howls of outrage when the effect was removed, maybe others don't.

    If others here seem to think it is "disgusting"...
  6. Re: Minstrel Blog Post is up - Feedback here and there is very welcome!

    Absolutely!! War-speech is meh but Discord or Dissonance is far better. But Null - thats is truely AWEFUL. Melody is about 1000 times better. Somebody is judging the players by their own standards...
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    Re: Champion Proposal: Round-up

    Brutal Strikes: Got it. If I want to make Ferocious into an improved brutal - improve brutal. Gotta figure out the trade off , but this is a legendary so making it legendary is not terrible…might...
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    Re: The Steed of Night

    I haven't posted here for a while but this does really annoy me. The relevant statement goes as follows:

    It clearly conveys the message that reputation horses were upgraded in stats to...
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    Re: Please nerf the farm sessions

    And your point is? You want only regular raiders to have good gear? Everyone else can settle for second best? Raiding is the only playstyle that deserves top rewards? In that case why are a lot of...
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    Re: Rune-keeper November Update Q&A

    Somebody else said it ,why focus so much on the maths - whatever next! You will soon be calling for a DPS meter to prove it!

    Overall it seems to be lightning is just as effective but costs more...
  11. Re: Rask, about the Knowledge of the Lore-Master changes

    It seems strange to say you can live with it as if it is some sort of minor nerf - when in actual fact the skill will act exactly the same now on "in drama mode" bosses as it did before. So Raid...
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    Re: Loot Problems in BG

    NO - the Character earned the loot. How can that not be simple to understand?
    If I raid and beat a boss -any boss in any raid - with my main and then swap to give the loot to a **** alt that I could...
  13. Re: A reasoned response to all the hatred

    Good job and I concur. Lovely!
  14. Re: Cadelhin storyline where did it come from? (very slight spoilers)

    Completely made up by Turbine but yes, well done. Of course the name is most famously used, at least in the UK, in the wonderful children's books by Alan Garner - the Wierdstone of Brisingamen (now...
  15. Re: Epic quests with inspired greatness very b0rked right now?

    If you know where the caves are it is in fact very easy to get all 3 caves done in one go. It is only a two or three minute ride from the cave near Thorenhad to the westernmost one, then a simple 2...
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    Re: lvl 100 charecters

    And anyway, I'm sure the level 60 to 65 cap raise was only done to aid in "resetting" Legendary Items (invalidating lots of runes etc. and encouraging us to decon some of our 1st and 2nd Age items)...
  17. Re: Please *increase* the aggro radius throughout the world (sorry if duplicate threa

    I am one of those in favour of the new aggro radius. I did not think I would be but after playing through a few areas on different level toons I have changed my mind - it's good.

    In any case, how...
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    Re: Note Pad

    but as my old CFO used to say.."My notepad has never broken down and I don't need to pay someone to maintain it..."
  19. Re: Burglars and Bows (all other classes to)

    For the OP, consider Stoop for a Stone maybe?
  20. Re: Is it better to increase morale/vitality, or to increase resistances?


    Justice is neither good stats nor resistance and I think its over-rated at level cap - so forget Justice and go for Valour and Innocence. For a Champion, melee defense is your number one...
  21. Re: Burglars and Bows (all other classes to)

    Are you really sure about that? hehe
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    Re: Removing Radiance?

    Yes indeed this is quite correct. Comparable incomparables and multiple builds or, for those less interested in detailed calculations, mix and match as you got pieces, including EM pieces...worked...
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    Re: The Fellowship and their classes

    Tolkien's Wardens were Warders...guards or watchers of gates and borders.
    In The Hobbit, the Elves of Mirkwood fought with spear (I always thought 2H spear for charging) and Bow and were presumably...
  24. Re: Lotro needs a dps meter and other diagnostic addons

    Oh well, I obviously missed something there - maybe its a trans-Atlantic thing...
  25. Re: Lotro needs a dps meter and other diagnostic addons

    I can't believe this thread is still going now it has been shunted to the netherworld, but anyway anyone who thinks adding rims to their car enhances it...well.. let's leave it there shall we...
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