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    Mirkwood really *feels* like Mirkwood. I think...

    Mirkwood really *feels* like Mirkwood. I think for any fan of Tolkien, there is so much mystery and significance to Mirkwood that it would be a shame to play through the game and not experience the...
  2. Thread: Storylines

    by MithrilSoul

    Volume I epic line is still the greatest...

    Volume I epic line is still the greatest storyline I have seen in any MMO. But across the board, LOTRO does this better than anything out there. I have been gone for almost 2 years and recently came...
  3. I recently came back to the game with my lvl 75...

    I recently came back to the game with my lvl 75 guardian (max level last I played). And about two days ago hit lvl 100. I found that as I was soloing and leveling up, I would use a LI (weapon) for...
  4. Wow some great suggestions in this thread. ...

    Wow some great suggestions in this thread. Thanks!
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    As a relative newbie lvl 100 guardian who is a...

    As a relative newbie lvl 100 guardian who is a long way from having stacks of Supreme Essences to slot into the slotted gear, who doesn't have Supreme Morale essences or really any of the bis BB...
  6. looking for elvish-looking heavy armor

    Hi all,

    My main is an elf guardian, been away from the game for about 2 years and just recently came back and just finished hitting lvl 100. I have been wearing the same cosmetic armor appearance...
  7. Thanks, that's exactly what I was looking for!

    Thanks, that's exactly what I was looking for!
  8. returning player... what's the current state of LM pets?

    Hi all, I've been gone from the game since lvl 75 was the cap, just coming back in the last few weeks. My main is a guardian and I just got him to 100, my second char is a 75 LM and I'm about to...
  9. Thanks so much, for both the 50 points build and...

    Thanks so much, for both the 50 points build and the link in your sig. Both are quite helpful!
  10. old returning players - tips on building Red tree for solo?

    Hi all, an old (lifetimer) player, been away for years. Currently have a lvl 75 guardian (last time I played when was that was level cap)... so that was pre-skill trees. Looking to get back in the...
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    Re: how to transfer personal settings?

    Thanks... +rep for both of you.
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    how to transfer personal settings?

    I just bought a new computer and have just finished doing a completely new installation of LOTRO. My understanding is a lot of our stored settings--things like the locations of quickslot bars...
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    Re: Which Pet Would You Like To See?

    From a lore standpoint, by far the most logical pet--it seems to me--is a hound. ("Hound" sounds much better than "dog"!) Anyone who has read the Silmarillion will know exactly why. Now, how the...
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    Re: Elven Officer armor

    Best bet: Auction House.

    But to answer your question, that is...what...Tier 5 metalsmith recipe? So it should fall from humanoids in the Tier 5 level range, which would be roughly mid/late 40's...
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    Re: Rank 10 kinship disbanded...

    Well, to try to draw the "half-glass-full" results from all this:

    1. You now know the reason, which while not a ton of comfort, is much better than NOT knowing the reason.
    2. It sounds like you...
  16. Re: Devs any chance we can have the number of instances per hour increased?

    Actually...everybody plays Turbine's way. And Turbine's way is to limit the number of skirmishes per hour. They have good reasons to do so, which have been explained in this thread. Given the...
  17. Re: Best option to routinely access Superior Study

    At first I was leaning towards the Michel Delving solution, but then as I read through I was reminded about how the scholar's guild location is in Rivendell. That really shifts things in favor of...
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    Re: Did tokens not get fixed?

    Seems they all got fixed except for Sparkling. Bug (oversight) I am sure.
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    Re: The Wait is finally over: Guardians

    Well given wardens can basically leach morale to an unlimited degree at will, I would think that morale return gear would be pretty low on warden's wish list. Remember, for every piece of gear that...
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    Re: The Wait is finally over: Guardians

    What I am probably most excited about in that list is the snare component to our Block Stance as well as to Challenge. Parry stance will probably be used a lot less in tanking now; I suppose Threat...
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    Re: Rare Nemesis Mob = one Mithril Flake?!?

    Quest mobs don't have the ripply green color in their quest rings, and don't have the purple name designation "Rare Signature" (or "Rare Elite" or "Rare Nemesis" or whatever). Shard droppers have...
  22. Re: The Guardian was inspired by Samwise Gamgee. Who knew?

    This topic gets tossed around in the guardian forums, oh, at least once a year. The general consensus is the best way you can link up the guardian class to Sam is in terms of attitude; that is, his...
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    Re: What level to decon?

    Of course, this only works if you have an unlimited (or virtually unlimited) supply of LI's. At some point most people are going to run out
  24. Re: brawler set changing to BoA: dont see healers teaming to run HoN

    My experience in this game: if you gain a reputation has someone who regularly helps others--even when there is nothing in it for you--then when the time comes when you need help, you won't have any...
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    Re: Old Bloodtusk, We Hardly Knew Ye

    Maybe someday we'll have like a lvl 120 raid where we face a 400k morale Bloodtusk or Frostmantle. I'm not much of a raider but I think I would become one to see that!
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