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    Howdy! I'm one of those members who's been...

    Howdy! I'm one of those members who's been playing since the original beta, but I'm not here to brag about myself. Honestly, I might have left this game a long time ago if not for this group of...
  2. Re: Is Turbine releasing a new raid before RoR?

    I think putting in another one-boss raid (a la Vile Maw/Filikul/Draigoch) would be a good idea. Something for those who have gotten Orthanc on farm to work on until RoR. But we do also need some...
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    Re: Player looking for kinship

    Agreed. Salvation is full of people from all manner of time zones, but a majority seem to be from the Eastern or Central time zones. We do have players that live on the west coast and mountain...
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    Re: Probably a better place for this.

    I'm not sure how large the population of Meneldor is, but we're one of the oldest and most well-established servers in the game.

    Salvation is a fairly casual kinship on Meneldor. We do run...
  5. Re: Hey people who run GS like it's the most difficult thing in the game.

    The reason I run with kinmates and do not EVER pug anything larger than a level 30 solo quest in the North Downs is because my kinmates are willing to listen, learn the instance, learn their classes,...
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    Re: NDA has been lifted!

    Soloers have the ability to work toward great SOLO gear, not RAID gear. They gear you can get soloing is perfectly fine for solo work. If you want to group and raid, you obviously need a different...
  7. Re: Truly epic fights you've been in while playing the game.

    My most epic fight was our first kin runthrough of the revamped Great Barrows: Maze instance. We had.... just a little trouble on the final boss fight. And by a little trouble, I mean we held out...
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    Re: The Life of LOTRO

    I think it is referenced, probably in the appendices. I remember a dev commenting a while back that this was an initial failed attempt in the early fourth age to reclaim Moria. I'd have to check,...
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    Re: Looking into Server Transfer

    Personally, I'm in a casual end-game kin: we work on the end-game raids, but not as obsessively as others. So, we're probably not a great fit for you.

    Off the top of my head, I know the Revenant...
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    Re: A possible return

    I'll agree with Hendrixius: run content in Enedwaith. I've pulled my 65 burg out of mothballs and have been reaquainting myself with him as well, and Enedwaith is as good a place as any.

    As for...
  11. Re: What does June first mean for Crickhollow

    Is Laurelin one of the European servers? I didn't think Turbine was merging them into the US servers, just taking over management of them.
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    Re: Static content vs Immersive content

    Good comments and ideas in this thread. Some of the problem comes with the IP involved. The Lord of the Rings is an established story, unlike whatever story is used in WoW, Rift, ToR, etc. Those...
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    Re: Erebrandir's Horseshoe - solved

    I still maintain that the Horseshoe only works for people who believe in it. If you don't believe, of course it doesn't do anything. No amount of math can prove what you know by faith in the...
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    Re: Update 2 ETA?

    Don't agree with next Tuesday, but I'm fairly certain they'll announce on Friday at PAX. They mentioned a couple of weeks back to mark that particular date as they would be announcing something...
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    Re: Disappointed with Eagle

    I was raised on my bear as a young loremaster. All the way into Moria I sent him in to tank things, then began to slowly, SLOWLY dps from range. I used the lynx for about three days, then went back...
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    Re: What's the title of our next update?

    Ess, my precious, Ess it issssss. *gollum*

    Sorry, my guess is S.
  17. Salvation - a kinshp for all players

    Salvation is a kinship that has been around in one form or another since sometime during the original Beta test of the game. Like most kinships, we have seen our ups and downs in recent times, but...
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