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  1. I figured that out and since I didn't need to...

    I figured that out and since I didn't need to expand storage in my deluxe house I was totally shocked when I purchased our kinship house today at the way Turbine extorts money out of players. 1 gold...
  2. Poorly done

    I'm not sure that the player council and Turbine rationalizing will make players any happier. I just bought our kinship house today and was deeply disappointed that the storage extortion was not...
  3. Deluxe now only has one chest.

    Not sure if this is the same or similar bug but my deluxe house is now missing one chest. Neither was full at the time of the HD install. I can't say when it went missing since I don't visit often....
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    Coursera participants have a kinship

    There are thousands of people around the world participating in this course https://www.facebook.com/Coursera.onlinegames and a number of them are on this server. To support the class participants...
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    Useless universal Toolkit

    So there I am with all of my Alts having a Universal Toolkit and what do I get? Another toolkit. I don't expect that the Hobbit Gifting will know when something is no longer a benefit so what we...
  6. happy Camper?

    So? She still wonders if she got it right. Seriously, we all want it right but we also want to have a level of trust in the capabilities of the crew working on it. Some of us pay for the service...
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    You want quaint? Try Disney

    The new Bree is fantastic. Grit is good but there is room for the upper class to have white walls, warm wood and murals. I have to agree with her about the forge... really? Tweak it a bit but...
  8. The world didn't end so what's the excuse?

    That's right. They figured, why fix housing if the world is ending on 12/21/2012. Well it didn't end folks! Wake up! Your last excuse for inactivity has vanished!
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    Sticky: Looking for a Wheel of Time themed kinship

    I would like to role play from the Wheel of Time series of books. My female RK would be a natural Aes Sedai. A male RK would be an Ashaman. There are many parallels between LOTRO and WoT. The Aes...
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    Why kinless?

    There are loads of kinships to choose from. There are great ones in Vilya. I'm founder of a new one LR 7 Kranji Lancers. We are new and small but we have Master Crafts people happy to make items...
  11. Kranji Lancers - Communal Crafting and Adventure

    Our kinship is named after the war memorial in Singapore. Our focus is on developing new players and providing shared experience in combat and crafting. Our Kinhouse and 3 deluxe houses all in...
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    Follow up on the 101 guides

    Once past level 10 most discussion about classes and crafts are at the high level and very little is available for players who want to build up their experience and capabilities. If new players were...
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    Re: New Player Training Kinship Concept

    The Academy concept is just one idea. Granted a bit on the complex side but I would welcome any idea that would benefit new players.

    I would link up with a Minstrel mentor instantly if given...
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    Re: New Player Training Kinship Concept

    I'm too much of a noob to know what turbine could or would do so I thought about how players or kins could do it on their own. All it takes is one or two creditable kins on a server to want to try. ...
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    New Player Training Kinship Concept

    There are a lot of great kins out there. And while many intend to help their lower level members progress, the social aspects of the Kin and the activities that exist for higher level members make...
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    Sticky: Re: Looking for a Kinship? Post here.

    I'm looking for the RIGHT Kinship. Getting recruited isn't a challenge. The recruiters all say about the same thing but once you get in its a different story. So rather than list my credentials...
  17. Re: Help - Obtaining Iron Band and Master Journeyman Woodworker's journal

    Where would I actually buy these items? None of the usual sources have them. I even stopped at the auction house but neither were listed as available. My Kin provided the items when I asked them...
  18. Help - Obtaining Iron Band and Master Journeyman Woodworker's journal

    Where do I get the iron bands and the journals?
  19. Re: Turning of the Tide is looking for players just like you!

    Hi! This is my first exposure to MMO though I've played single player. I'm still in the kiddie pool nearing level 7 but I expect to be allowed in the deep end at any moment.

    I'm a hunter and so...
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