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    How's the DPS of classes?

    What do you think the current rankings of DPS are for a maxed out character going complete glass canon. I guess divide it by single target and aoe.

    I think burg has highest single target and...
  2. Some UI elements are moving their positions slowly.

    Just came back from a hiatus and I've noticed that while playing some of the UI elements move very slowly. Only particular ones like equipment durability and global announcements, etc. I feel that...
  3. Can you barter with different class vendors?

    I know this has been changed on and off a few times but I am wondering if you can, for example, barter for other classes' armor sets in Rift, Ox-Clan, etc.
  4. UI Moving after Alt+Tab (Resolution Problem?)

    I've been playing on the resolution 1600x900 for a while and decided to go to 1920x1080 and since then I have realized that my alerts and dynamic quickslot bars have been moving after I alt+tab. My...
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    No, didn't know that there was one. I'll get it...

    No, didn't know that there was one. I'll get it next time I log on. Thanks! But I'm also curious whether the Oathbreaker has any inherent advantages with armor, morale, power all being equal. ...
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    Oathbreaker versus new 85th lvl Heralds

    Can't remember if the new Heralds have 80th or 85th lvl Tailor items now, but when I slot it, it seems to have more armour than the Oathbreaker. Does this mean the Oathbreaker is not as good...
  7. Thread: BR is UP

    by Pantherpike1

    Did they wipe all characters? Can't check right...

    Did they wipe all characters? Can't check right now, but will be on later on today!

    Thank you,
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    Bracelet of the Horse-lords?

    So it may seem these Gold Bracelets made it to live? Wondering where you get the Riddermark scroll case II and has anyone got one yet?
  9. Yea actually I know vaguely remember when Halls...

    Yea actually I know vaguely remember when Halls of Night and The Inn, that Challenge mode was only available at the highest level. I also think this can be an anoyance because I will only be able to...
  10. Lower level Challenge Mode Quests not accessible

    I tried Sword-halls today on level (65) and attempted to complete challenge mode, I was with two kinnies that were 85th and I was 65, we finished it T2 no CM but I wondered well how am I going to...
  11. Solution

    In order to view the CD Key, you must click the <Big Picture> icon in the top right corner and then from the steam access your library and choose LOTRO, from there click Links and More where then it...
  12. Yea interrupts got nerfed and are not as good as...

    Yea interrupts got nerfed and are not as good as they used to be, and I also agree that instance is not broken because after the first boss (which can be very difficult) its pretty simple. Make sure...
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    Re: Lootlist Update 5

    I have here all the light Armour users(LM, RK, Min) Jewelry, cloaks, and some armour..

    NOTE: Some Items Have Been Altered Since Of U5!
  14. Stuck on 'Installing Pre-requisite sofware:'

    I looked but I seem to be the only one with this problem. I can't even make it to the point of actually downloading and seeing the % status with number of files downloaded.
    My log says (skipped...
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    Re: Suggestion on new Guardian skill upgrade

    I agree with Azhri that it would be good to 'pull back' mobs that are running around instead of chasing them all over the battlefield. Also, my idea was mainly to add more DPS for solo and even PvP...
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    Suggestion on new Guardian skill upgrade

    Hey, not sure if this has been discussed before and if it has, sorry, I don't come around as much as I used to. However, I've thought that upgrading (in the next expansion) the Bow Skill would be...
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