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  1. Thread: Alliance Love

    by Feliana

    The argument, "why not just merge the kinships?",...

    The argument, "why not just merge the kinships?", has one flaw; No kin can have more than 1500 toons in it. Having aliiances would solve that problem. I know that in Guild Wars this was a feature...
  2. My issue is that I moved some toons to Gladden...

    My issue is that I moved some toons to Gladden Server from Arkenstone and, although I can send chat messages to my alliance and kinmates and they can send to me, I can't read their replies. And, Yes...
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    Possible Naming Violation

    I am an officer in a kinship in Riddermark. Recently, we had a character join us, whose name clearly references an illegal drug. My kin leader seems to think that it is not a big deal. I am...
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    I has happened to a number of our kin mates on...

    I has happened to a number of our kin mates on Riddermark....seems to be an epidemic...Guess LOTRO is fixing stuff and breaking stuff at the same time
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    More Client Crashes

    so i reinstalled my LOTRO client and loaded up the game and I am still getting crashes attempting the session play at Galadriel's Mirror. It even crashes when I log off of a character. Odd that my...
  6. Rohan Is Crashing My Client

    After going through 5 and a half hours of waiting to load, I started the book quest line with my main Merebeth. Five times I have attempted now the session play with Frodo. Five times now my client...
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    Is it just heavy traffic

    I remember that the servers were jammed when RoI came out and it took a few hours for some folks to even get logged in. I remember that some of my Aussie friends were getting booted as well. Lotro...
  8. Re: What did you do to the hunter?

    This does not just apply to the hunter. My LM sent her pet to attack a corcur and as soon as it struck my toon moved. Also, trying any ranged attack skill does the same thing.
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