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  1. Gift box

    Not sure if it will work for that gift box, but you can reclaim some stuff. Sure can't hurt to try. Just type the symbol / and reclaim, with no spaces. I have used this to get some stuff back myself,...
  2. If I remember right, you can send bound things to...

    If I remember right, you can send bound things to another account, if you use mithril coins. Sure would be nice for someone else to be able to get sweet horses they don't already have, instead of...
  3. This is an interesting interpretation, I enjoyed...

    This is an interesting interpretation, I enjoyed reading it immensely! I think you could be a very good author, if you could come up with some original ideas!! I also like to try to write..especially...
  4. Replies

    Oooh, very nice!! Is it a painting, drawing,...

    Oooh, very nice!! Is it a painting, drawing, or...? Your daughter is very talented! What a marvelous Mother's Day gift to receive! :)
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    There is a very simple solution.. if you cannot...

    There is a very simple solution.. if you cannot find any on the Auction House, then make friends with a farmer! Spring Barley is grown by them, which you will, as a cook, turn into flour. As others...
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    If I remember right, there are only ceiling hooks...

    If I remember right, there are only ceiling hooks in kin houses. Wish they were in all of them! My tinker sure makes some pretty ones! :)
  7. Thread: Nurzum

    by kittykatt


    Yep, looked in my old files/notebooks etc..(yes, I STILL keep notes, alt-itis..comes in real handy!) There WAS a warg called Nurzum, in N.Downs; Fizen's rare crafting components list says he is level...
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    steel plates

    If we knew what server you play on, I'm sure some of us would be willing to help out..know I would! i have all the crafts covered! Love helping ppl! If you play on Brandywine, just find Catty or...
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    Very funny, but that one of the homeless boy...

    Very funny, but that one of the homeless boy singing..now THAT"S singing..wow..hope he goes to the finals at least! What a voice....
  10. New Shield

    First we need to know what server you are on, then someone would be able to help you with this shield. I have helped a LOT of players with crafting needs, I find it fun & rewarding! I am on...
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    Bigger &/or more houses!

    Hear, hear..YES, please!! I also think we need more room, or more houses per account...too many nice goodies for just one house, even with a kinhbouse! I LOVE showing my decorations etc!! Please? ...
  12. Re: Please help with Lotro Store Free Item of the Week

    Have you tried to get it when you are on as your LM? I know that I cannot get it when I am on one of my lower level alts..I have no problem getting it that way. Otherwise, not sure what the problem...
  13. Re: Tortoise vs Turtle (Turbine has it all wrong!) :)

    DUH..just read further..sure did..lol..& I love that man's work.. :)
  14. Re: Tortoise vs Turtle (Turbine has it all wrong!) :)

    LOL..I like that little poem..made me chuckle!! Good one!! Did you make it up, or did it come from somewhere like a book?? :)
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    Re: Group LF Server - Brandywine?

    Brandywine is THE server, imo..but..maybe I'm just prejudice, lol. Been on BW since the game first came out, tried one other. Not sure about the lag, but as has been stated, it is EVERYWHERE I'm...
  16. Re: RP Aide: Excerpt from "The Demons of the Ancient North"

    Excellent! Did you write/co-write this? I loved it. Kept me reading all the way through! Very interesting story, well-thought out..again, excellent!! :)
  17. Re: Help: Where can I get can I buy treated wood?

    Treated wood is made by foresters, using the logs, found in the world, & wax bought from vendors/suppliers. If you 2 are on Brandywine, then just send Catty or Elwyn a letter, I am a great lover of...
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    Re: Ruby shards, where, when and how?

    There are 3 quests in Lonelands in Haerloeg, for sickleflies, mushrooms, & crawlers..at least one of them gives ruby shards as a reward, also nice recipe scrolls..which are special one-time use...
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    Re: I'm in desperate need of some weapons!

    Well, if I knew what server you were on..I'm on Brandywine, have alts who can do it all..would make you a SUPER good weapon, if we are on the same server..I'm sure others would too! Lots of us love...
  20. Re: Coalition Of Merchants: A Crafting Focused Kinship

    This sounds like a very good idea, & a wonderful way to make some silver, have good stuff, & have fun at the same time! But..what server are you on?? Some people may be greatly interested in...
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    Re: Introductions and Free Turbine Points

    Hello everyone! Having a great time playing this game, it's my first ever mmorpg, & I'm loving it! I am a Gramma in real life, LOVE the books...read my first one before my son was born. I am a...
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