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LOTRO Store Quest Packs

LOTRO Quest Packs

Explore the world of Middle-earth with LOTRO Quest Packs and adventure to iconic locations like Rivendell and Lothlórien. Experience the full breadth of in-game content, including region-specific quests, deeds, skirmishes and classic instances with a LOTRO Quest Pack or LOTRO Expansion Quest!

  • All standard LOTRO Quest Packs are free for VIPs as part of the VIP membership (Expansion Quests are not included in VIP membership).
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  • All other players can use earned and purchased Turbine Points to acquire LOTRO Quest Packs and LOTRO Expansion Quests in the LOTRO Store at any level.

Grab a LOTRO Quest Pack or LOTRO Expansion Quest from the LOTRO Store and continue the journey to defeat the endless evil that runs rampant through Middle-earth!

Quest Packs


795 Points Regular Price

200+ quests, 3 instances & 1 raid for levels 40-52

Angmar, once realm of the dreaded Witch-king until he was driven out by Eärnur, Captain of Gondor, is a barren, sulphurous wasteland, long uninhabited save by the descendants of the Hillmen of Rhudaur. Its native people, the Angmarim, have returned from across the Misty Mountains, rallying to the call of Mordirith, Steward of Angmar. Foul creatures of all shapes and sizes dot the landscape, and a dreaded and ancient evil awakens within the Rift of Nûrz Ghâshu.


695 Points Regular Price

Over 150 quests for levels 60+

The Grey Company, the Ranger kinsmen of Aragorn son of Arathorn, rides south to aid their chieftain. Help them as they make their way secretly through the land of Enedwaith, untangling the mysteries of the spectral creatures that appear in the night and protecting the outlier clans of Dunland from the influence of the White Hand of Saruman.


695 Points Regular Price

Over 100 quests & 2 instances for levels 45-55

Eregion was once the home of the great Elf-smiths, including Celebrimbor, who forged the three great Elf-rings, the only ones to escape Sauron's corruption. Long have the ruins of Celebrimbor's stronghold of Mirobel lain untouched, but now servants of both Angmar and Isengard seek to uncover the ancient Ring-forges and the lost knowledge within. It falls to you to conceal from them an even greater power than the Ring-forges: the passage of the One Ring itself!


595 Points Regular Price

Over 200 quests & 6 instances for levels 32-40

Evendim is a vast region dominated by the Lake Nenuial, and contains the ancient, abandoned city of Annúminas - the former capital of the kingdom of Arnor. Amidst its ruins lay great wealth and powerful artifacts now threatened by the nefarious forces of Angmar. Make your way to the Ost Forod, the Eavespires, and Tinnudir, home to the kings of old! Battle your way through the ancient ruins and its three full fellowship instances and earn the favor of the Wardens of Annúminas!


595 Points Regular Price

Over 100 quests for levels 39-52

Explore this hostile expanse of snow and ice north of Evendim, at the uttermost edge of civilized Middle-earth. Forochel is a brutal and merciless land, hostile to Free Folk and the Enemy alike. The land is home to the mysterious and reclusive Snow-men called the Lossoth, and spelled doom for the last king of Arthedain. Will you survive what he could not?

Great River

795 Points Regular Price

Over 170 quests, a new 6-man instance, and a new group and fellowship questing area for levels 72+!

Travel to the beautiful and dangerous region of the Great River where foes gather on all sides, prepared to begin an assault on Rohan. Hold the line against Easterlings, dangerous brigands and ancient enemies of Rohan, as well as allies of Isengard and Barad Dur.


695 Points Regular Price

Over 100 quests, 3 instances, and 1 raid for levels 55-60

Below the Dimrill Dale lies Lothlórien, one of the few remaining lands of Power for good, and seat of the White Council. Ruled by Celeborn the Wise and the Lady Galadriel, this forest of mighty mallorn trees stands as a haven against the coming darkness. Here the Company of the Ring rests and heals after the loss of their companion, Gandalf the Grey. But peace will be short-lived, for the Orcs of Moria and Mirkwood prepare to besiege the Golden Wood.

Misty Mountains

695 Points Regular Price

Over 70 quests, 1 instance & 1 raid for levels 39-50

The Misty Mountains were once home to a kingdom of dwarves, until they were driven out by goblins and worse. Now the peaks have become the abode of Stone-giants and the goblins of Goblin-town, who once imprisoned the great Thorin Oakenshield and his Company. Servants of Angmar seek to uncover an ancient secret, hidden deep within the halls of Helegrod, a long-abandoned dwarf-hold, to revive the long-dead dragon, Thorog!

North Downs

595 Points Regular Price

Over 125 quests & 1 instance for levels 18-40

The North Downs once thrived as the heart of the kingdom of Arthedain, but centuries of war and ill fortune have left all in ruins, occupied by a vanguard of Orcs and Trolls who march without fear among the crumbling keeps and cities. Discover the embattled settlements of Trestlebridge, Esteldin, Othrikar, and Meluinen, on the edge of Angmar itself. Venture into Fornost, a six-person instance that once was the mighty city of the kings, earn reputation with the Rangers of Esteldin, and learn the lost history of the North-kingdom!


595 Points Regular Price

Over 75 quests for levels 30-50

The Trollshaws were once the land of Rhudaur, one of the three sundered kingdoms of Arnor. Long ago, wild Hillmen overran the realm and swore allegiance to the dark realm of Angmar, but dwindled away when that dread kingdom fell. Now this land has become a dangerous wilderness, and Trolls and other savage creatures haunt its rocky hills and broken castles. Yet across the River Bruinen lies a sheltered light amid the darkness: the hidden refuge of Rivendell, home of Elrond Half-elven, lord and master of the White Council. At his behest, you must help a mysterious Fellowship representing a strange alliance of Men, Elves, Dwarves, and Hobbits as they prepare to depart on a fateful journey!


795 Points Regular Price

Over 150 quests & deeds for level 83-85 characters!

Situated in a remote area of Eastern Rohan, the region of Wildermore has been hard hit by an unnatural and deadly winter. A Stone Giant named Nurzum, under the control of Saruman, is rumored as the source of this icy tragedy. Throughout Wildermore, villages have suffered ravage and townsfolk have become refugees. Follow in the chilly footsteps of evil as you attempt to restore this once thriving region.

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Expansion Quests


1,495 Points Regular Price

Unlock Expansion Quests: Rohan to open up new and exciting adventures! 400 Quests designed for levels 75-85

The Fellowship of the Ring has broken, and two of its members have been carried forcefully into the Riddermark by Saruman’s Uruks. They are taking the hobbits to Isengard, but their journey will take them across the land of the horse-lords, their bitter enemies, and they are pursued by the Three Hunters: Aragorn, Legolas, and Gimli. East Rohan is ruled by a number of powerful lords whose loyalty is to King Théoden, but the whispered treasons of Saruman have already caused dissension to root in the plains of the Riddermark. Help its people as they strive to defend themselves against the growing threat of war. Witness the Argonath, the mighty Pillars of the Kings astride the Great River Anduin, and stand by the Seat of Seeing atop Amon Hen, marvelling at the ancient works of Gondor. And then journey beneath the eaves of Fangorn, whose trees are older still, and uncover the secrets of its mysterious shepherds.


1,495 Points Regular Price

Over 375 quests and over 40 deeds for levels 66-75

The Grey Company has departed from Enedwaith and entered Dunland proper on their continuing journey to Rohan, where they seek their chieftain Aragorn. The Rangers work to gain the friendship of the Dunlending clans and thwart Saruman's war-building efforts. The mysterious Falcon-clan offers their services to help break the muster of the combined Dunlending armies at Wulf's Cleft, but can they be trusted? And in the Heathfells, the forces of Théodred, Prince of Rohan, stand firm at the Ford of Isen, ready to repel the Dunlending threat, all but oblivious to the storm brewing to the north within the Ring of Isengard. Join the Grey Company and Théodred's Riders as they make a desperate stand against the White hand of Saruman.


695 Points Regular Price

Over 150 quests, 3 three-person instances (Dungeons of Dol Guldur, Sword-hall of Dol Guldur, Warg-pens of Dol Guldur), one full fellowship instance (Sammath Gûl), and one 12-person raid (Barad Guldur) for levels 61 - 65

Mirkwood - Once it was Greenwood the Great, and men and Elves lived in peace beneath its boughs... until the Necromancer's Tower arose, stirring a great evil in the forest's heart. Now death and darkness thicken the forest air, stifling life and twisting the green, growing things. To this dark and foreboding place, Lord Celeborn of Lothlórien send the Malledhrim, the Golden Host. Their purpose is to harry the armies of Dol Guldur, fortress of the Ringwraith known as the Lieutenant of Dol Guldur, right hand of the Witch-king of Angmar and keep them from growing stronger, but more importantly... to mask the passage of the Company of the Ring from the eaves of Lothlórien, turning the eyes of the Nazgûl upon themselves and away from Frodo Baggins and his companions. Join the Malledhrim as they lay siege to the tower of Dol Guldur and confront the Lieutenant upon his own threshold.


1,495 Points Regular Price

Over 350 quests, seven full fellowship instances (Dark Delvings, Fil Gashan, Skûmfil, The Sixteenth Hall, The Forges of Khazad-dûm, The Grand Stair, and The Forgotten Treasury), and two 12-person raids (Dâr Narbugud and The Vile Maw) for levels 51 - 60

Balin left the Lonely Mountain many years ago on an expedition to reclaim Moria, the Longbeards’ home of old, and was never heard from again. Dáin Ironfoot, King Under the Mountain, has sent forth the Iron Garrison from the Iron Hills to investigate and lend aid to Lord Balin, if necessary. Breaching the Hollin Gate, collapsed by the Watcher in the Water, the Iron Garrison does not find Balin and his company, but rather an endless horde of Orcs, goblins, Wargs, trolls, and creatures even more foul. Join the Iron Garrison in their efforts to reclaim Moria from Mazog son of Bolg and his fell legions and discover the dark secrets that lie in the depths of Khazad-dûm.

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