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    5th Annual Month a' the Chicken [RP events]

    It's hard t' believe, but this year will be our 5th Annual Month a' the Chicken celebration in the Shire!

    Mayor Whitfoot is rather pleased, since he's been hen-pecked o'er so many other things, t' be once again holdin' these fine feathered events all nestled into August.

    We're still pecking away at settlin' the schedule and gettin' all the paperwerks laid out with the Mayor, so mark the spot t' roost and watch this bulletin fer additions t' our scheduled events listed below. Once our other events get the Mayor's final Stamp of Approval, we'll add their information as well.

    We'll be crackin' out some old favorites like chicken races and our Fish n' Chicks Fry, as well as some new events both contest and adventure oriented.

    This year we are also holding Summer Camp for Trainee Chicken Trainers that have not trained a chicken before which starts this month. We know havin' a Fleet Footed Fowl ain't as easy as flippin' a sunny-side up, so we're extendin' a wing t' help out. All Summer Camp Trainings will meet at Sandson's Farm near Wald Sandson. At events where the Chickens-in-Training will be needed, it would be a kindness if Trainee Chicken Trainers keep their chickens cooped until they're given a go ahead by Daffy or whichever other Chicken Tender is assigned t' Trainers t' release them. If ya want t' attend Camp, but the sessions listed are jes rotten and won't fit in yer schedule, please send Daffodilia a note with your schedule in Bywater Time* so she can arrange a special trainin'.

    Please feel free to wear Cloaks of the Cluck, sport some shiny Hobnanigan duds or flaunt yer Farmer's Faire attire in celebration throughout the month! Ya can even carry an egg basket about, or simply uncoop yer prized chickens and that'd be swell too.

    One note that must be made, given the split of the Carrier Pidgeons Unions in the Shire, if ya attend an event at Sandson's Farm, and it seems no one is there, jes holler out and we'll send a guide t' find ya.**

    All events are posted in Bywater Time.* If ya have any related queries, please feel free t' contact me here or via the Quick Post (Daffodilia).

    Summer Camp Schedule:
    FryDay, July 18th 9pm-Green Eggs Night: This training session is for dead basics of chicken tenderin' like egg re-placement and training a wurm trackin' chicken. Chicken Tender Daffodilia will be helping Trainers, Wingchick Egglantine will be keeping an eye on the Green Eggs on the field.

    Sat, July 19th 9am & 3pm-Breakin' Eggs: These training sessions are for first timers leaving the nest. Chicken Tender Daffodilia will be helping Trainers, additional Chicken Tenders and Wingchicks will be available to act as guards and guides.

    FryDay, July 25th 9pm-Beyound the Barn: This training session will lead fledglings to even farther bounds than before. Chicken Tender Daffodilia will be helping Trainers, additional Chicken Tenders and Wingchicks will be available to act as guards and guides.

    Sat, July 26 9am & 3pm-Bracin' Beaks: These training sessions will push even further into potentially dangerous territory. Chicken Tender Daffodilia will be helping Trainers, additional Chicken Tenders and Wingchicks will be available to act as guards and guides.

    Wed. June 30th, 2pm: Run t' Rivendell: This event is hosted by the Courserrim & friends. An early burd chance t' brave the trolls and lynxes that lurk in the hills. Meet at Sandson's Farm.

    Month a' the Chicken Schedule:
    FryDay, August 1, 8pm: Fryday Flight: This event is hosted by the Courserrim & friends. A Fryday foray for those fleet footed fowls headin' t' Rivendell. Meet at Sandson's Farm.

    FryDay, August 1, 9pm: Chick-a-Doodle-Dash: Shorter Shire Sprints t' help yer chickens ease int' racing. Meet at Sandson's Farm. Trainers, please keep yer chickens cooped until ya've met with the Racemaster, young Meadowlark Sweetweed.

    Saturday, August 2nd, 2pm: Rivendell Run: This will be our first official attempt to escort chickens to Rivendell for the month. Meet at Sandson's Farm. Chicken Tender Wellie will be on hand to organize Free Folk, and Scrambled will be our Fowl Marshall.

    Monday, August 4th, 9:30pm: Ales n' Tales at Sandson's Farm: Special songs! Daring Barn Feats! Musicks and dancin' and tales!

    Tuesday, August 5th, 9pm: Fluff your Feathers: Chicken Parade to Bree. Meet at Sandson's Farm. Trainers, please keep yer chickens cooped until ya've met with Chicken Tender Daffodilia. We will have a Fowl Marshall t' set the pace fer the parade.

    FryDay-Sunday, August 8-10th, all day, all night! HOBNANIGANS!: If ya haven't already viewed or participated in this controversial sport, now's the time t' do so!

    Saturday-Sunday, August 9-10th: The Tiny Team Tourney: We will be hosting a Tiny Team tiered tournament of Hobnanigans. (More info can be found in a reply below.)

    FryDay, August 15th, 9pm: Fish n' Chicks Night: An annual tradition where both fried fish and chicken dishes will be served. Bring yer fishin' pole, bring a song t' play, bring a friend! Meet in Overhill by the fishin' dock.

    Saturday, August 16th 3pm: Ever Runnin, Ever Swimmin': Chickens chat with talking trees. Meet at Sandson's Farm. Chicken Tender Daffodilia will be helping Trainers, additional Chicken Tenders and Wingchicks will be available to act as guards and guides.

    Saturday, August 16th 6:30pm: Cluckin' with Chickens! Ever wanted t' be a Chicken Tender, but didn't know how best t' do so? This discussion is fer ya! Feel free t' bring pet chickens. Pie and feed will be provided. Discussion on this "unofficial" class will take place at the Oak n' Barrel located at 4 Myrtle Ct. Addernotch, Shire Homesteads. Please note that both the Mayor and Farmer Sandson will not allow Sandson's Special Chickens int' the Homesteads. Only those from Hobnannigans are allowed entry.

    Saturday, August 23rd 4:17:32pm: Forsaken Fowls: It's another race! This time t' somewhere much more dreary than the Shire. Meet at Sandson's Farm. Trainers, please keep yer chickens cooped until ya've met with the Racemaster, young Meadowlark Sweetweed. (If yer wonderin, the time t' start is indeed seventeen minutes and thirty-two seconds after four in t' afternoon. Some folks have way too much fun with exactness.)

    Thursday, August 28th, 8:30p: Poets n' Duets are graciously hosting "A Night of Poultry". It will be held at the Methel Stage in Tookland. If you have a chicken poem, an Eggcoo, or a duet playable song about chicken related things, please do bring them to share!

    FryDay, August 29th 9pm: Safe by Day, Trolls by Night: Rivendell bound. Meet at Sandson's Farm. Chicken Tender Daffodilia will be helping Trainers, additional Chicken Tenders and Wingchicks will be available to act as guards and guides.

    Saturday, August 30th, 5pm: Crosser of Roads: A new addition t' our celebration hosted by Concerning Hobbits! This event is for folks who have earned a Golden Chicken and wish to gain the coveted title of "Crosser of Roads". Not fer the faint of heart!
    Let yer Feathers Fly!
    *((Bywater Time=servertime))
    ** ((Sandson's Farm is under the Festival Regional umbrella by default, so getting messages out or in can be tricky, and sometimes we get layers at events, so letting us know yer there but can't find us lets us know to send a fellow invite so ya can swap t' our layer.))
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    Updated the schedule. Now with more HOBNANIGANS!

    I've also added two fine events now that all the paperwerks are done, both hosted by kinships other than the Bounders of the Shire. I'm thrilled t' pieces t' be adding the Concerning Hobbits event, which is new t' our celebration, though it's something they'd done for a while now. I'm positively fluffed that Ales n' Tales, which is a regular event most folks know rather well by now hosted by the Lonely Mountain Band folks, is joining us yet again this year and hosting one a' their wonderful events at Sandson's Farm. They've done this for all a' the five years we've been holdin' Month a' the Chicken, and I couldn't be more pleased that they're helpin' us out again this year. It jes wouldn't be the same without 'em!

    We will be holding a special mini event or meybbe even two the weekend Hobnanigans will be available that will take place at the Hobnanigans field. I'll add details on the Bulletin above once we've got them settled!

    Also, I want t' give a mention t' a splendid guide fer folk not familiar with the Crosser of Roads trials and tribulations. Ya can find Rozalinde's Guide here: http://tweaklotro.wordpress.com/2014...chicken-guide/

    Of Special Note: I want t' thank the Sacred Steward of SoonTM for helpin' us out t' ensure that the Bree Hobbit folk can also be a part a' our grand celebration. Bein' from Staddle originally myself, I think it's a fine thing indeed, and a splendid addition fer our Fifth Annual Celebration a' Month a' the Chicken.

    Stay tuned! More events t' be added after paperwerks are stamped.

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    I've added a handful of events. We are still trying t' find eggsactly when some things will fit in best.

    Still to be settled:
    - an Eggcellent Adventure
    - Eggcoo Contest
    - Chicken and Egg Lecture
    - possible 2nd run t' Rivendell
    - Shire vs. Staddle Tourney during Hobnannigans weekend.

    Other possible events if the Mayor gives the say-so.

    Stay tuned!

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    I have added three more events t' our Month a' the Chicken Schedule!

    Let me offer a heartfelt thanks t' Mister Carndan fer allowin' us t' have what I suspect will be a fowl filled night at his Poets n' Duets event!

    We also added a second, yet earlier run t' Rivendell on the 2nd. Ya may not know it, but some folks study about all the aspects a' Middle-Earth. If ya ever want t' join them in their studies, ya can find more information here. They hold both free ongoin' studies as well as a paid certificate study. They will be immersed in the study a' chickens around that time, and we hope our run will help any who still have a bit more t' achieve in their chicken studies.

    Last, but not least....

    The Tiny Team Tourney
    Teams can consist of three or more players. However, only three players per team can be fielded at one time.

    All teams wishing to sign up for this tournament can sign up by sending Daffodilia a Quick Post with:
    - their team name
    - team Captain's name (who will act as point of contact)
    - player roster
    - game times available to play*

    Team signs ups must be sent no later than August 1st.

    We've not done such a tourney before, so we've no idea how big the response will be.

    Due t' that, the game times available per team will be very important. Not all folks play within the same window a' time per day, which could make schedulin' winnin' teams a bit tricky if the response is small. It is VERY IMPORTANT that winning team Captains stay on their toes and check the Quick Post as often as possible t' ensure their team does not miss a schedule time t' play. Any team that fails to appear on time, or fails to field a full team will forfeit that round.

    For teams larger than 3 players, if a team Captain will not be present at one of the games, please have whomever will be the acting Captain for that game send Daffodilia a PM if she's around, or a Quick Post if she isn't, stating you will be x team's Captain for said game.

    Prizes will be awarded at the end of the Tourney for the top Tiny Teams. All Tiny Team Captains will be sent a first round schedule via the Quick Post in advance of the Tourney.

    We encourage teams t' have colors or uniforms, and iffin' they have fans, please do invite them t' yer games t' cheer ya along!

    * When you send your times available to play for your teams, it must be in servertime (ET) only. Also, wide windows of availability will make for easier scheduling, which is why it might be helpful to have a rotating team roster of more than three. It's okies if you send many windows per day, like "noon-4 and 6-9pm" and so on. Please don't try to only have minimum windows like, "1-2pm, 4-4:30pm". Tryin' t' make sure a field is open and the game played within so many wee small window most likely will be a problem, especially if we get a large response, and have some trouble keeping a field open just for our tourney.

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    - a few runs to Rivendell, hosted by the Courserrim & friends. For folks who want t' be readies fer the Crosser a' Roads event on the 30th, you now have multiple guaranteed escorted events to Rivendell t' get you even closer t' the coveted Golden Chicken!

    - another race...Forsaken Fowls!

    - a training class jes for Chicken Tenders!

    Also...the clock is ticking! Sign ups for the Tiny Tourney at Hobnannigans is ongoing, but please don't wait til the last minute to sign up! Get yer team organized and accounted for!

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    In honor of the Bounders' 5th Annual Month of the Chicken, Miss Daffodilia has asked Concerning Hobbits to lead another run to help folks complete the rare, difficult, infamous Free Range chicken deed and earn the title "Crosser of Roads". The Bounders have scheduled this event for:

    Saturday, August 30th 5:00 PM servertime. Slated to take 5-7 hours. Starts at Sandson's Farm.
    We have need for both chickens (who want to earn the deed) and escorts to protect the chickens on their dangerous journey.

    Some notes:

    1. Free Range is the CAPSTONE for chicken play. If, by Chicken Run day, you have not yet already completed ALL of the Flying the Coop quests and earned your Cloak of the Cluck, then you will NOT be eligible to complete the deed as a chicken. Find out more about the Chicken Play quest chains here: Mother Hen's Chicken Guide.

    2. Only chickens who are interested in earning the title must come on time and plan to stay for the whole time (5-7 hours). Any escorts or friends who want to tag along shall NOT be held to the schedule. For you who travel with the chickens, no oath nor bond is laid to go further than you will. This thing takes a LONG time.

    3. This is REALLY REALLY HARD. The escorts and I are going to do our best to make sure we get all chickens to the end. I work with fellow chicken-expert colleagues to strategize for weeks in advice to determine the best route, how many escorts we'll need here/there, good rendezvous points, etc. But that said, we can't guarantee anything. But know that we WILL weep and /salute any chickens who are fried along the way.

    4. If you want the best experience, make sure to download Teamspeak. Fowl and friends will be coordinating over microphones (if you're uncomfortable talking, that's perfectly fine, but we'd like you to listen in if possible).

    5. Once we get started, we're not stopping for breaks. There will be NO POTTY BREAKS for chickens (Escorts can easily take a break and then catch up). If you need a potty break, wait for a long, boring stretch of travel time and put me or another chicken on /follow. Announce that you're doing so when it happens, so we'll know not to dive into anything too hairy until you get back.

    This will be our third run. We have successfully helped 12 chickens complete the deed and receive the title.



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