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    What is your favorite version of the moors?

    This isn't about players, kins, or tribes, just the physical manifestation of the moors.

    For me it's the old SoA version. Hot Spots instead of Outposts, cleaning and poisoning the Hoardale actually did something, EC and OC had no walls.

    I never cared for the MoM version with Outposts and semi-walled EC and OC.

    Today's version just sucks. Every fight turns into a back door camp, I'd rather have the EC/STAB shuffle than that. Auto flipping keeps is a good idea in theory, but it seems rather random. I've seen TR flip 3 times in 15 minutes without enough Creeps and Freeps to flip it once. I do like that you have to kill all 3 NPC's within a certain time period or they respawn. The back door idea might be okay if they were locked on both sides if you didn't own it.

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    I know PvP since RoI time, so can't say how it was before.
    I really hate autoflips.
    EC/OC/TABs fights were more entertaining than backdoor boredom.

    I like the idea of keeps and delv bosses giving serious buffs to infamy. They should give something. Thats one of two reasons I can think of for keeps to exists. Other is increasing defence abilities.
    In latter npcs should be much stronger on both sides.

    If keeps give infamy buffs, OPS should be connected to keeps: keep is blue, OP is automatically changed to red. So the winning side would be interested in taking keeps for major infamy buff (or will get close to none, thats how I imagine it should work), but it will leave loosing side with mastery buffs. Taking OP by winning side might 'turn off' buff for some, short, time. Or just get rid off npcs that losing side might use for protection.

    I like where new OPS are (kinda), and also some bridges that connect places that were not connected (IOP, though it is way to close to rez). IOP and ROP should be moved a little further from rezs.

    I feel like npcs should be much stronger (dps, mitigations and resistance) but cause much less cc (with possible exception of CG/tyrants, they should be much stronger than now, so it will take a little longer than 1 min for unskilled group to capture a keep).

    OC/EC should not be death traps (by making npcs way stronger, jumping down the walls possible, and maybe giving some small speed debuffs for invaders).

    I feel like quests in general should be changed, so they will have some impact on game (who cares nowdays to gather 75 feathers and send spider to LC? supporting keeps with blades/oil/ore/arrows changes nothing, additional spider npcs at LC are just additional guardians' heals, there are no more relics in groth and hh, so killing npcs there helps noone, killing trees is so pointless now, Goldie and Warg are no more threat and very little help for those who wants to retake tr/lugz, as is An).

    Backdoor only for side that have keep.

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    SoA and MoM had superior systems compared to now...
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    SoA was the best. MoM was an extension to SoA.....for those who wanted to hold on to the best pvp this game will ever see.

    SoA made Lotro PvP
    MoM held on
    SoM was the end of old school. Second Age of lotro pvp maybe?
    OD expansion (whatever it's called) wasn't too bad.
    RoI was the end to the second age of lotro pvp.
    RoR is the third age, and the worst pvp I've seen in an mmo.
    Not sure what other expansions have came out. Maybe someone could fill me in eh?

    To sum it up: Great. Decent. Not good. Bad (in chronological order).

    Haven't seen past that really. I don't care too. I'm sure everyone knows that this games direction has nothing to do with pvp anymore.

    All on the same map to boot. With exception to that tree. Funny eh?
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    I didnt play on SoA and MoM times...so I can talk about SoM and rest.

    For me SoM was the best times, I literally hated RoI times and RoR was like 'meh, better than previous expansion' but HD is no...just no.
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    Overall. SOA/MoM
    Bring back old EC/OC, with walls - to provide Anirien and his alts with shelter
    Make stab/wtab flip-able
    Take away buffs given by OPs, it only gives lesser players incentive an to PvE. Then replace OPs with hotspots
    Return rez circles to original positions
    Back doors that only work one way for whomever owns the keep
    Quests that don't give inf/renown
    Remove or completely overhaul the delving
    Drastically increase the potency of war-band maneuvers or remove them
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