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    Congratulations Captain-General Denograth!

    It was great being with you when you hit R15! We'll never know exactly who died for the honor (sadly, it wasn't RankOnMeDeno), but it was a good fight in TA.


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    Congrats Denograth on rank 15 way to go man.

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    Congratz, CG Deno!
    Vilya: Healadder (defiler, R10), Kommisar (stalker, R7).
    Snowbourn: Superserial (warleader, R8), Steelstack (reaver, R6).
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    Congratulations Denograth!

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    I remember, the first time I ever came to these forums, my very first post on LOTRO was in defense of Deno, the first hunter to hit rank 9 (or maybe 8?). Trolls were trolling and I wanted to defend the guy that always seemed so chill back when all the other "high ranks" didn't have time for a scrub like me.

    Congrats old man, keep on doing what you do.

    Team Red.
    Phrasing! Doesn't anybody do phrasing anymore?

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    Red face :0

    Congrats best friend.

    Proof of best friends, not dead! ? (bad picture)

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    YAY! Gratz hun!

    Its always been a pleasure playing with you in the moors no matter what side I am playing. I am sorry I missed it and that I've not been around for awhile again. Soon maybe! What a great accomplishment. WTG for hanging in there through the endless grind in the beginning to the tons of points needed for the end.

    Kate loves You!
    "You can't have your Kate and Eat her too!"

    Katelia Rk 11 Lm, Peppermintt Rk 12 Warg, Katetastrophe Rk 12 WL, Kateaclysm Rk 14 defiler

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    Grats Deno, You're one of the nicest persons I've met in this game, and its been a pleasure to ride with you.

    Now I don't like fighting you, but I enjoy the fight. loosen up CG and come shoot me. .

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    Deno always steps on my spider (stingy)

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    Wasn't Brandonthorn the 1st rank 5-9 hunter on vilya?

    Regardless, grats Denograth.
    Rank 10 Hunter, Rank 9 Warleader, Rank 8 Weaver, Rank 7 Reaver, Rank 6 Guardian, Rank 6 Warg, Rank 5 Lore-master, Rank 5 Blackarrow, Rank 4 Champion, Rank 3 Reaver, Rank 2 Rune-keeper, just to name a few.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Menathradon View Post
    Wasn't Brandonthorn the 1st rank 5-9 hunter on vilya?

    Regardless, grats Denograth.
    Could be, and Hellthelion (sp?) was also in the mix back then too now that I think about it, but Deno was definitely early and being trolled for it undeservedly.
    Phrasing! Doesn't anybody do phrasing anymore?

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    Congrats Deno, your normally the one I sense in stealth in the middle of no where on my burg and i spend to much time trying to find what it is.

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    Gratz Deno!!!

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    Congratz Deno, had some laughs with you late at night (you know how you talk dirty when all the kids go to bed).

    Hugs and Kisses - Defeated/Agonize
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    Grats Deno!!!! Now push the creeps away from GV.

    Thohelm-R11 LM/Kameo-R10 Hunter
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    gratz deno!
    just a reminder... anything playable, doable, and actionable, may be considered an exploit and the ban-hammer may be authorized at any and all moments.

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    Congratulations Deno...

    Fun times and giggles in the past; recently moved to Brandywine and apparently there is some hunter here named Denograth too.. Asked em' and its apparently in your honor. You've done good.. Happy travels.




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