Hi, all my most updated characters are on the Meneldor Server.

1. Error Message - post launcher, on login server screen - / Connection to Authentication Server / Searching for Server / Searching for Logon Server (Attempt 20 of 20) /
2. Then" Connection Failed: Client Timed Out the Connection
3. Only happens on Meneldor
4. I can get to other servers (including ones i have low level characters on and no character on)
5. Triage
a. Uninstalled Pando
b. Cleared all temp folders
c. Tried launch another launcher of the game (doesn't work either but fails sooner)
d. Logged into forums - forums ok
e. Tried about 12+ times
f. Tried connecting on Wi-fi and direct router including hotspot with another ISP
g. Restart of PC
h. Tried on another device (laptop) - failed in same fashion
i. Read forums - seems to be some others having same issue

Launcher Logs - i have 10 that are duplicates of this (I am eliminating the SSL for certificates before it) - I will supply if needed, but it has my product codes and usernames and SSLs.