so like. Freeps and myself are getting seriously tired of nothing but spiders out in the Ettenmoors.

They are currently way too strong. Their DOT's completely shadow that of a good warden.

Grouped, my issue is that their DOT's completely waste any class that can't outheal the outrageous damage over time
Solo, my issue is that they have a flop that completely owns the hobbit flop.

^These things are complete truth, and if you are deny it you are most certainly mad that I have called you out on it. Spiders need a serious nerf, and decrease in population.

Combat logging with reflect is also a huge issue.

This has to stop, or freeps WILL LEAVE THE MOORS PERMANENTLY until spider population decreases.

I don't think there's a single freep out in the moors who can say that spiders arent seriously overpowered in 12.2. It took five hunters to kill a spider near hithlad, and it took them longer than 10s (which you know is ridiculous seeing as though a yellow captain can burn a warleader in under 3 seconds)

Huge respect if you play an upright.

I'm also really mad at all spider players and if I don't see a decrease in the population, I will personally turn the moors into a graveyard (by that I mean take all freeps out and make it dead - I cannot solo anything and even grouped we only ever kill reavers and wargs because spiders so OP)

Live long and play weaver less xox