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    Minstrel , RK or Warden ...?...


    I am playing Minstrel atm and i like the way i can handle lot of mobs easy and heal , the problem is that i don´t like to play thinking that i´m an Musician around earth middle lands killing mobs with the power of music. So , i would like to ask the pro players about two characters: RK and Warden.

    1- are RK exactly the same (skill, strong,heals ) as Minstrel ?

    2- Can warden handle lot of mobs and heal too?

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    Don't know about Warden.

    Players and mobs don't have health in this game- its called Morale. Think of it as demoralizing the enemy through your words, that might help you bear with it more. Also, the Minstrel at this point in time, completely eclipses the RK in both DPS (Red traited Minstrel is way stronger than Yellow traited RK, not sure about how it sizes up to Red RK) and Healing.

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    1 - IMO, RKs have better sustained DPS than Minis, but Minis have better burst damage than RKs.
    Minis focus on burst heals, RKs is through tons of HOT buffs.

    2 - Wardens can and always have been able to handle lots of mobs.
    They have a few self-heals and a party heal.



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