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    2nd Marshall Bozak!

    Congrats on rank 13 to one of the best minis I've ever seen. Keep up the good work and keep hittin like a truck you sexy little ginger hobbit

    (Retired... Maybe un-retired?) Arkenstone: Immanitas R12 Burg, Gorbat R12 Reaver, Sueahpro R11 Mini, Falsified R9 RK, -The Blood Hand
    Crickhollow: Orphluk R9 Warg, Orphelun-1 R8 RK. -The Blood Hand.

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    Probably AFK in Gramsfoot
    grats bozak!! good luck on the way to rank 14
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    Grats Bozak!
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    Well done, Kulemin. Top dog mini for sure. Hope you push for 14, as it's been fun seeing you go from greenie to 2nd Marshall
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    Yay good job Bozak!!
    Tsaurel/Telae - SVP

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    Nice going, you little pro. Keep it up.
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    Thanks all for the grats.

    Great fights last night, good to see creeps back out working together and wrecking face... next time feel free to tab past me. I'm mostly useless anyway.

    Words can only hurt you if you try to read them... don't play their game!



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