For my WardenEase2 plugin, I use the API supplied Gambit data to fill the different gambit toolbars, which uses the SkillInfo of the TrainedGambits to determine what gambits you have and then populates the window with the needed builders to build that gambit. But since Helm's Deep when you try to get the number of builders a gambit needs to build it, you always get 0, and trying to access any of the builders in the gambit with GetGambit() throws an error.

I've tried messing around with different trait setups to see if maybe it's a traiting problem and switching stances, but it doesn't seem to matter. If anyone else can figure a workaround (or figures out what I'm doing wrong, as it worked prior to HD) until a fix is released, please let me know, otherwise my WardenEase2 plugin pretty much can't work. Thanks!