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    Time for Sapience to close and delete.

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    Any videos where the harrassment is recorded? I could use a laugh.

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    I disagree the VIPs should have more allowance to troll/grief a show when it is clear what they are doing is wrong. However, if the GMs will not do anything about them, and they do not seem to be relenting, the best we can really do is /ignore and turn down sound effects/combat volume. I agree that it should not be moved away from a public place due to the trolls/griefers, but there are other stages that could be used, such as the one south of Hobbiton, which the trolls may be less likely to bother attending due to it not being a central hub, however, those who want to hear the music and would go out of their way to do so would surely come and attend, Just a suggestion. Please correct if I'm missing something please. Oh and to the bands, keep up the good music, it sounds great when the griefers are on /ignore, especially the Christmas one last week
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    Well, that clears up any confusion

    Quote Originally Posted by onnie View Post
    You think we have been showing up to your concerts for months now just randomly? We have had a reason this the entire time. Im just not at words to say why and from whom. If you want us to stop showinig up at your concerts fight us in the moors just once to show the certain someone in your kin with a loud mouth why you dont go in moors. Till then, see you at the next concert!

    Ps. Nice thread good laughs.

    Here is one of the reasons I started this post, when it went from bothering the concerts to constant tells and mails from one player I decided it was time... This came straight from my ingame mail. And who the LOUD MOUTH is I have no clue.
    That's clearly a confession of mounting a harrassment campaign.

    VIP or no, those folks need to be subject to discipline as such.
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    LOTRO Harassment Policies

    The Lord of the Rings Online strives to create a fun, healthy and enjoyable gameplay experience for all players. To this end, Turbine holds a “Zero Tolerance” policy towards any form of player abuse or harassment. The Lord of the Rings Online harassment policy details what Turbine considers player harassment as well as helpful steps to take to avoid potential abuse.

    What is player harassment?

    Player harassment is defined as an attempt by a player to cause distress, game disruption or to intentionally offend other Lord of the Rings Online players. Player harassment may come in many forms, but the underlying similarity between all harassment and abuse incidents is player malintent. If the offending player’s actions are intentionally directed to cause disruption, grief or distress, no matter what the situation, this is considered player harassment.

    ______________________________ ______________________________ ______________________________ ______________________________ __

    I'm pretty sure, what we are dealing with here qualifies. But as of yet, I've seen no proof of the "Zero Tolerance" policy. In my mind, if lotro refuses to take action in cases such as this, the Policy above, and the definition of harassment above; need to be rewritten.

    Just sayin'...

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    Quote Originally Posted by lambuster View Post
    I was at the last 4 or 5 concert attempts on nimrodel.It's always the same group of 5-6 people disrupting and reporting them is like talking to a wall.I would l;ike to see a demerit system where you can click /demerit NAME OF OFFENDER, and if they get say 20 they would be immediately suspended.Has to be 20 separate accts too so nobody can just decide to nail someone by themselves.
    This seems like a really bad idea. It would be so easy to fall into abuse (as mentioned previuosly) by a mad Kin.
    Also it would be a huge harrasment gun you were giving to the griefers to use themselves.

    mber, it is a game.


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