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    Westenmet Slayer Deed

    I'm a slayer deed completionist and I'm still exploring the new area.

    I've found no real concentrated areas yet for most of the slayer deeds, except for uruks, orcs, boars, trolls and goblins.
    Anyone able to help with a concentrated area for;

    Cow-herd (cows or goats), crebain, wargs, and the others for that region?

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    I haven't found a concentrated spot for wargs, but they're pretty abundant throughout - I got the slayer and most of the advanced slayed just questing, before I started grinding out the slayer deeds. I'm still looking for good concentrations of the others you mentioned, myself, though.

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    Crebain: there are around 8 Crows (level 89-90) in Snagfell in the Broadacres. They re-spawn quickly but some of the area is MC disabled, which is annoying.

    Herd-Creature: Cows and Goats count for this deed but Deer do not (probably unintentional). I could not find a good concentration but there are several groups of cows that spawn in the North West of Broadacres

    Wargs: No great concentration but they can always be found in Westfold, especially around the ford East of Marton.

    Wolves: There are plenty on the East side of Broadacres, often in groups of 2. You can combine them with the goblin deed.

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    >Cow-herd (cows or goats)
    I did it on Stonedeans goats, just circuiting the zone

    Plenty in the Westfold

    Still looking for a good place that allows MC.

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    Wolves and Goblins on eastern side.

    Half-orcs and goblins on western side.

    Also on the western side are lots of cows for herd creatures if you don't have problems with them having more morale than other herd creature types.

    Crows in Snagfen on the north east corner just south east of Oserley. Can't use a horse there, but I had no issues with that. Just run a circle around the swamp area and kill the slugs as well since they can share spawn points.

    The entire time you do the slayer stuff also farm craft nodes. I ended up with 14 stacks of Eorlingas skarn, a stack of high-grade skarn, and 8 shards.


    Boars and Bears outside Aldburg, they're everywhere in the woods.


    Wargs all over the landscape between Helm's Deep and Marton.

    Trolls north of Marton... in Shatorthum I believe it's called.

    Dunlendings I believe there are some camps near the Ford of Isen, north west of Marton.

    Orcs I finished off on the landscape outside Helm's Deep.

    Uruks I'm can't remember for sure, but I think the Staging Camp kind of South West from Marton has them.

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    I have been slaying goats and Cows and bulls for the herd slayer deed in Westermnet around Edoras in the woods on the right of the city. Not a lot there but enough for the deed.

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    Just north of Fenmarch in the Eastemnet (along the river) there are Half-Orcs, Orcs, Uruks, Cows, Crebain, and Wargs.
    The Half-Orcs and Wargs are extra tasty, as there is one full-strength "leader", and one or two half-strength "minions", which all count.
    There aren't large numbers of any one type (except Half-Orcs, as there's a camp), but it is a mounted combat area, so it's easy to
    cover ground and rack up kills of each type while the others respawn. Half-Orcs, Orcs, and Uruks are in the treed area, move further
    west down the river (into the open) to find the crebain, cows, and wargs. If you need more Orcs and Uruks, cross the river to the north.



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