Black Ops is relaxed raiding kin looking for players of any class interested in raiding. We like to do all sorts of raids, old and new, 3 and 6 mans too. We have beaten all of Erebor t2, Smaug t2c, and far progress on BFE t2c. While not our focus we help out with crafting, advice, anything our members need to have an all around fun time while in game. We also have a small presence in the moors both freep and creepside but would love to have more out there.

Even if you don't consider yourself an endgame raider we are happy to help you get there if you're willing to be patient, listen and take criticism (IE we recognize not everyone was born an endgame raider)

We use a Kin website, Facebook, and TeamSpeak to help keep in touch with each other.

We also have a Mercenary program where you can stay in your kin and still raid with us or only move a few of your toons to our kin so you can stay in touch with people you know easily.

Send mail/tell to Belethathien afternoons and evenings or Eliseon late evenings /servertime if you want more information.